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  1. Sadsyndrome1

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    Hello. Not sure I whether I should have added this to my previous post re: gas cooker flame.

    Anyway, we have decided to purchase a new freestanding cooker. However, the regulations confuse me. I don't know where to find the definitive regs, hopefully someone can tell me, as well as advise on my questions below.

    From the photo the cupboard above existing cooker is 550mm from hob, I will remove cupboard.

    However, now I realise there is a socket in the hot zone. Can I use a standard blanking plate on that?

    I now notice the cooker is partially below a window. The cill is tiled. Is this within regs?

    The kitchen is small and the owner (mum) cannot afford a new kitchen and to be honest there is no room on the outside wall anywhere else.

    Any ideas how we can fit the replacement cooker? The house has been here since 1977 and the cooker has been here since then. The cupboard has been there for 30 years.

    I don't want to buy the cooker only for installer to say they can't install it.

    I rang Flavel, the manufacturer of the cooker, and they could give no advice other than buy the cooker and let installer tell you if it can be installed!

  2. Schooldays

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    The cupboard and socket would need to go, inside about blanking plate. Imo the window cill is ok. Has an electric cooker been considered?
  3. Sadsyndrome1

    Sadsyndrome1 New Member

    thanks. Yes electric was considered not really wanted though and still has hot zone. Sorry didn't understand your comment re: blanking plate?
  4. Schooldays

    Schooldays Guest

    Apologies, I didn’t read it, bloody autocorrect. It should have read unsure about blanking plate.
  5. kitfit1

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    A blanking plate can't be used above the cooker. It's inflammable in exactly the same way that the cupboard above it is. Both the socket and the cupboard need to go. No Gas Safe installer would fit a gas oven with that cupboard above or the double socket.
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  6. ItchySponer

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    Get a cooker with a glass folding lid, replace the socket with a metal blank plate, remove cupboard. Ideally lift floor, pull up cables and wago.

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