Gate post repair?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by soabar, Aug 24, 2021.

  1. soabar

    soabar Member

    I've got a 100x100 gatepost that holds an 800x1800mm gate (all wood), the screws from the upper hinge have split the post, water has got in & the top 100mm or so of the post is rotten in the centre, where two of the hinge screws are fitted..

    I can't replace the post at the moment & wonder what sort of repairs are possible. It looks like a metal post extender could be used to replace the upper part of the post, but this would involve removing stringers & slats which I would prefer not to do.

    Would clearing out the rot in the centre of the post & then filling the whole lot up with polyester resin be worthwhile or a waste of time?

  2. spannerw

    spannerw Active Member

    I know you don’t want to hear this but I think you’re only option is to replace the post. Can’t see any type of filler working in a rotten post.
  3. ordep

    ordep New Member

    I fixed my rotten post with a spure
  4. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Active Member

    I can’t imagine that anything will be less work than replacement. May I ask why you can’t replace it?
  5. soabar

    soabar Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    Postcrete, a post or anything suitable not readily available in the middle of nowhere, but I do have resin sitting around waiting for a home.

    The gate does have three whopping hinges on it & if perfectly stable with 2 + 1/2 of them, the logic being that replacing the rot with resin would at least stop or slow the rot.
  6. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Active Member

    In which case absolutely. Use what you have. Not the ‘right’ way to do it but bet it’ll still be there in 20 years. :D
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