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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by dennyk, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Hi GEC Nightstore 100 does anyone know of a supplier or someone that could possibly fix the thing present Boiler in not heating up although pump is working
  2. JasonP

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    My God those bring back nightmares from my apprentice days from EMEB. (Lugging Bricks)

    As for servicing them and installing them you used to have been registered by GEC and been on their course. No idea if this is still the case.

    From memory (Last helped install them in 1987 but I have had to reset on in 1999) these boilers had two banks of elements both with thermal links which heated a brick core which "charged" during economy seven times. When heat is required air is drawn over these bricks and over a heat exchanger to heat the central heating water. The pump is internal to the casing. There is a reset button either behind the bottom panel of the boiler on the older models or behind a rubber plug on the later models (No need to remove the panel - Just push the middle of this rubber blank until it clicks)

    The "Nightstore 100" were either configured for 3-phase or single phase (Supplied via a double supply cutout). Control was via a wall mounted control unit sited near the boiler. This contains contactors that either energised both element banks for 3-pahse or switched banks for single phase.

    Basically failier wise you could of lost one or both elements, their themal links, the plenum chamber fan or the contactors.

    As for service contractors try contacting the current manufacturer of this boiler at:-

    Good Luck


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