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  1. I might as well start it.

    Am I wrong or did she appear under pressure to call an election?

    Labour and the others are not very strong but she cites too much lack of support to get her ideas and policies through. Thats a little confusing to me, it implies the Tories are suffering a lot of infighting?

    Or she realises she cant handle Trump?

    I can't see any result but a new Tory party in power, so why the reluctance to call the election?
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    Am I wrong or did she appear under pressure to call an election? - I think you are wrong but that's surely our individual perception.

    Or she realises she cant handle Trump? - Don't see what evidence you have for that affecting this election - or the relevance.

    I can't see any result but a new Tory party in power, so why the reluctance to call the election? - Because she might lose? Pollsters are about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike based on recent performance.

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    funny how everything is trumps doing it's just laughable, she is clearly doing this to stop people like yourself and other people saying she has no mandate for leaving the EU without having to except free movement and with court of justice and regulation, now finally we will see what the country really voted for and in the process decimate the Labour Party and shut the likes of Blair and mandleson up for good!!!!
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    Way I see it, it's to give them more time after brexit to sort out all the problems, if they had election after brexit exit, with disguntled voters, they would loose.
    So a clever move calling it now,if it all works out, will give them another five years in power, as I can't see labour winning, & other parties no chance in hell.
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    Here we go again!
  6. P J Thompson

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    Eddie Mair on Radio4 has just become a legend in my book.
    He was interviewing Amber Rudd about this incredibly shallow, self centred and imho...deluded and miscalculated move.
    He read out a section of Maggie May saying Westminster is divided and not united behind her vision for Brexit, turned to Rudd and said summat like, (paraphrased)

    "hasn't she heard of things like Parliamentary debate and democracy? So if you disagree with her vision your acting against the National interest? Who is she? Theresa May or President Erdogan"

    I was driving home from work and could have gone into a hedge I was laughing so much :D
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    I personally think it shows she's just as much a pawn in some greater game than we thought. Many on here have mentioned the "real power" in the world and that government leaders are just puppets of the people behind this "real power" Well, seems like Theresa is acting under orders from her real masters. ;);)
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    Really, it's a chance for the British public to have a new European referendum by voting Liberal to stay in. Who knows, it could well happen in these strange times of today.
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    Probably as likely as finding hens teeth! ;)
  10. P J Thompson

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    I've seen a few posts along these lines on the BBC HYS on this story. It makes the Eddie Mair comment seem all the more astute.
    Is the aim a one party State then?
    No-one's actually said it that I've seen but when folk talk about destroying the opposition once and for all the implication is just that, a desire for a one party State.

    I'm not suggesting that's what you yourself actually want SW, just trying to gauge what people actually mean when they say stuff like this.

    Here's an example from that BBC HYS, one of the highest rated at that:


    No more Labour

    No more LibDems

    No more SNP

    Excellent news. She's one smart cookie."

    So that leaves the Greens, Ukip and Plaid Cymru?
    What is it that people want? Dictatorship?
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    I don't know what the Tories will do about all their "remainer" MP's . If these reflect the views of there constituents and they are deselected then the Lib Dems might have a resurgence,
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    Tory / Liberal coalition was as good as politics gets. Amazing that at the time it was so vilified.
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    Obviously the aim of any political party is to stay in power for as long as possible and that means beating the opposition whomever that may be.
    in this case it's both labour who are completely unfit for perpose destroyed by the blairites infighting, an inept leader and has been political figures trying to tell the people there party should represent they were too stupid to vote in the Ry ref and should change there minds. and then the SNP who's only aim is to leave the union.
    it's a bit of a gamble but as I see it she can kill two birds with one stone and have a clear mandate to leave the EU without question and refuse a second independence ref for Scotland
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    I think it's excellent news, but I'm surprised she's waited this long to announce it.
    Of course there's been pressure to do it, the whole front bench must have been on at her for months with what the poll's are saying and the state the labour party is in, it's a no brainer!
    Let's hope it goes to plan and we get the proper brexit that we voted for.

    Well, most of us, anyway.
    Roll on the 8th.
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  15. chippie244

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    When were the findings about tory election fraud due in which may have caused mass by elections?
  16. KIAB

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    At least she will have a clean slate for her manifesto, & not the remains from the previous 2015 manifesto, so it's going to an intresting time.
  17. Phil the Paver

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    The CPS are considering up to 30 individual prosecutions.
  18. It was a cynical move, but not at all surprising. In fact her saying before that she wouldn't call an early one was the surprising bit.

    Her popularity is at an all-time high right now, and that will only go one way (down, in case you have to ask...) as time goes on and the Brexit negotiations become more torturous. The UK economy is doing fine at the mo' too (and note how Davies is peddling the lie that this is down to May's handling of the economy...); but the economy, too, will only go one way (I don't need to spell it out) after a year or two when the realities of a 'hard' one are realised, and the EU ensure we aren't given any special favours.

    So, she did the right-but-cynical thing for her and her party. Which is the ONLY thing she cares about. (Also note her lie that the British population is 'uniting', and that this is about ensuring Westminster does so too - a great big copper-bottomed porkie.)

    Had she waited post-Brexit, she'd almost certainly have been stuffed because the stupid Brits would at last be seeing the truth of the consequences of a Brexit, especially a hard one. It sadly will take the damage by Brexit to be actually caused before half the population in this country sit up and say "SH**!"

    And, tragically, we have no serious opposition at this most vital of times - it really is a perfect storm.
  19. Phil the Paver

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    Tories will win by the largest majority in recent times.

    Lib dem in second place, pushed forward by the Remainers.

    UKIP third even without a decent leader.

    Monster raving loony party fourth. Even without a candidate.

    Labour somewhere in abilvion with Corbyn.
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  20. Och well, looking at a sliver of a silver lining - at least it'll see the end of Corbyn... :rolleyes:

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