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    1. Possible, the students would love it, obviously.
    2. Yeah it's carp at the min, but bejeebus it was a whole lot Carperer back then.
    3. They've been entrenched for decades, so not really viable.
    4. That won't even keep up with immigration.
    5. And replace them with what?
    6. ?
    7. And make them move somewhere else and get now't.
    8. How? And for what gain?
    9. Excellent, well done that's a good one.
    A word of warning, tho..
    Watch yer back.
    10. That companies won't invest in because you will force them to pay the cleaners £20/hrs and cap the boss's pay at a silly amount, then tax them to high heaven.
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    Some decent clothes wouldn't go amis he looks like a hobo
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    Cards on the table - I wouldn't vote for Mr Corbyn - ever - but fair do's to him, he believes what he says and is generally consistent.

    I personally don't think being a politician is that easy on the whole and I suspect they aren't paid enough - it's not them that recommend their remuneration don't forget.
    In my opinion the vast majority of our politicians - of all hues - work hard to deliver what they believe in and to make Britain a generally better place for those of us who can't be ar*ed to get out and do it ourselves. Of course there are those who milk the system or bend the rules - that happens in most walks of life - look at the variety of people on this 'like minded' forum. We only see and hear what our totally sh1te media think we will be interested in - sound bites and controversy. This is only a tiny fraction of what goes on and ignores the vast majority of mundane day to day business that has to take place.

    I shall vote for the politician in my constituency that offers what I want and good luck to them. I know you shouldn't wish time away but bring on June 8th.

  4. As much as I dont want anybody to vote for the opposite to me. I really don't mind who you vote for. You have put some thought into it, and that is what matters.

    What I hate is those that vote for xyz because they always do, or their dad did so they do, or because they think they represent what they want without really digging into it. Its like assuming the conservaties/libs/labour or others are offering and supporting the same as what they did last year/5 years/10 years ago, etc. Amazing how policies and ideas change but so many think the party is always the same as it was
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    Politicians aren't paid enough, not nearly enough. Fortunately, the expenses and the ability to employ family members to do bugger all for a generous salary does make it a very attractive
    package, that's why we have far too many 'career politicians' as opposed to conviction politicians that used to be in abundance (there are still a few), one of my favourite politicians is Alan Johnson, (apart from his pro European stance natch), a thoroughly sound bloke and a conviction politician of the highest order. On the Tory side I quite like David Davies.

    Corbyn might be a joke and somebody I could never vote for (except to vote for him as Labour leader to ensure the Torys remain in power), BUT, he is true Labour, he goes back to the origins of the labour party, (The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist by Robert Tressell is a book worth reading to discover why this country needed the Labour Party and should certainly be read by all decorators
    out of historical interest).

    The problem is that all the parties have moved ever closer to the centre line, WTF do you vote for, It's starting to drift apart back to more natural divisions, but could anyone really tell the difference between Cameron and Blair?
  6. I'm gonna put my cards on the table. I'm voting for
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    Devil's Advocate, you are Gina Miller and I claim my £5
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  8. You are a weirdo, Filly.

    I agree on the Alan Johnson - a cove who had principles and tried to stick to them. A decent fellow. Especially his pro-Europe stance...

    (Why can't you see the correlation betwixt decent folk like Johnson - who almost exclusively are pro-EU - and complete stinkers who are totally Brexit? Why can't you see this, PJ?! Make a list - check them out :))

    So, all good - so far.

    Then you have a brain seizure. You claim you also like D Davies?!!!! Jesus Kryust. The guy is a slimy copper-bottomed hypocrite. Has been, always will be.

    From that time he resigned 'on principle'. Ma botty.

    And you finish with your coup de résistance (I know, I know) - you reckon you can't tell the difference between Cameron and Blair?! Well, perhaps you can't - but I sure as hell can.

  9. Now, isn't she truly awesome?

    My gawd - she is impressive.
  10. fillyboy

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    Other than the fact that Blair didn't put a tax on carrier bags, what exactly is the difference?
  11. fillyboy

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    Yes, lets vote for this

    The decision last year by a majority of British voters to exit the European Union was more than a simple vote of the people. The Brexit campaign was promoted and financed by the most influential banks of the City of London and by the British Royal House. Far from the end of Britain, Brexit is far more likely to be the beginning of the end of the disastrous Euro single currency experiment.

    Since the global financial crisis of 2008 little significant has been done by Brussels or the governments of the 19 member Eurozone countries to bring the largest banks of the Eurozone into a healthy stability. On the contrary, even venerable mega-banks like Germany’s Deutsche Bank are teetering on the brink.

    In Italy the world’s oldest bank, Monte Paschi di Siena, is on state life-support. That is but the tip of an iceberg of Italian bank bad debts. Today in total Italy’s banks hold Italy’s banks hold €360 billion of bad loans or 20% of Italy’s GDP, which is double the total five years ago.

    It gets worse. Italy is the fourth largest economy in the EU. Its economy is in dismal shape so bank bad loans grow. State debt is almost as high as that of Greece, at 135% of GDP. Now, since the 2013 Cyprus bank crisis, the EU has passed a stringent new bank “bail-in” law, largely under German pressure. It stipulates that in event of a new banking crisis, a taxpayer bailout is prohibited until bank bond-holders and, if necessary as in Cyprus, its bank depositors, first “bail-in” or take the loss. In Italy, most holders of bank bonds are ordinary Italian citizens, with some €200 billion worth, who were told bank bonds were a secure investment. No more.

    German Austerity Medicine Killing Patient

    A major problem is that the Eurozone economies have been forced to impose the wrong medicine to deal with the 2008 financial and economic crisis. The Eurozone crisis has been wrongly seen as states spending too wildly and labor costs rising too high. So, under again German pressure, the Eurozone countries in crisis such as Greece, have been forced to impose draconian austerity, slash pensions, cut wages. The result has been even worse economic recession and rising unemployment, rising bank bad loans. By 2015 Greece’s GDP had declined by more than 26%, Spain’s GDP by almost 6%, Portugal by 7%, and Italy’s GDP by almost 10% compared with 2008.

    Austerity is never a solution to a state economic crisis. The example of the German economic crisis that erupted in 1931 in depression, unemployment and a banking crisis as a consequence of the severe austerity policies of Chancellor Heinrich Brüning ought to be clear enough to German authorities whose historical memory seems to have amnesia today.

    Across the Eurozone more than 19 million workers are jobless. Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain have a total of an unprecedented 11 million unemployed workers. In France and Italy unemployment is over 13% of the labor force. In Spain it is 20%, and in Greece a staggering 25%. This is all the state of economic affairs more than 8 years after the 2008 crisis. In short there has been no economic recovery in Euroland. Since 2009 the European Central Bank (ECB), the bank of the Euro, has made unprecedented moves to try to stabilize the banking crisis. They have only postponed not improved the situation.

    Today as a result of ECB buying of mortgage bonds, corporate bonds, state bonds, and asset-backed securities, the ECB balance sheet is more than €1.5 trillion. The ECB, whose President is Italian Mario Draghi, has held interest rates in an unprecedented negative interest rates around -0.4% since June, 2014. The ECB has made clear that negative central bank interest rates will remain “for some time.” This is leading some to try to convince voters to go to a cashless society as India did last year with catastrophic consequences and as Sweden, not a Euro country, has largely done. If banks begin to charge their customers a fee for using customers’ deposits, an incredible thought for most, people would simply “take the money and run,” into gold or other safe assets, or cash.

    The ECB negative interest rates are a sign of desperation to put it mildly. With interest rates on bonds across the Eurozone so low, many insurance companies are facing severe liquidity problems meeting their future obligations unless Eurozone interest rates return to more normal levels. Yet were the ECB to end its negative interest rate policy and its quantitative easing so-called, the debt crisis of many banks would explode from Greece to Italy to France to even Germany.

    A Coming Currency War?

    So, to put it gently, the Eurozone is a ticking debt time bomb ready to blow at the slightest new shock or crisis. We may well see that shock in the next two years, once Britain has completed its exit from the EU. Already the new Administration of Donald Trump in Washington has signalled a potential launch of currency war against the Euro. On January 31, US Trade Czar Peter Navarro accused Germany of using a “grossly undervalued euro to exploit” the US and Germany’s EU partners. Navarro went on to call Germany, the core of the Eurozone economies, a de facto “currency manipulator.” Navarro has stated, “While the euro freely floats in international currency markets, this system deflates the German currency from where it would be if the German Deutschmark were still in existence.”

    Britain with the vast financial resources of the City of London, once free from the shackles of the EU membership, could well join with Washington in a full-scale covert currency war to bring down the Euro, something that would have devastating consequences for the Eurozone economies. Britain’s Pound is the third largest global payments currency after the dollar and the Euro. If Britain, free from the restraints of the EU can bring down the Euro, the Pound could become a major gainer–currency war with Britain on the side of Washington against the fragile Eurozone with their Italian, Greek, Spanish and other problems. Already British Prime Minister Theresa May is in discussions with the Trump Administration about forging a bilateral US-UK trade agreement and some in influential UK circles are talking of inviting the USA to become an associate member of the British Commonwealth. For the US dollar and Wall Street banks, wounding the rival to the dollar as central bank reserve currency is a very tempting thought. Now with Britain and the City of London soon to be free of EU restraints, the temptation might become reality.

    All of this is because of the dysfunctional nature of the entire Eurozone project, a supranational currency with no democratic elected authorities to control abuses. The half-way dissolution of national sovereignty that the Maastricht Treaty introduced with the European Monetary System back in the 1990s, has left the EU with the worst combination in event of future crisis.

    F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”
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  12. P J Thompson

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    I don't know why I got a cameo up there but,

    A currency war against the euro by the US and UK?
    Germany is a currency manipulator?

    That has to be one of the shonkiest financial propaganda pieces I've ever read!

    The US Dollar is the single biggest manipulated currency on Earth. If it weren't the global reserve currency and didn't have these agreements that oil is traded in it, the Dollar would crash overnight. The US would cease to be the World's last superpower instantly.
    And it's this current position, which holds the US in an artificially strong financial position that enables it to be the World's 'policeman' with the ridiculous 'defence' budget that it maintains. Hardly a surprise that it uses that situation to protect and enlarge the interests of those States that help this dollar manipulation. Yes I am looking at you House of Saud.

    This isn't a defence of the Euro, the Euro could never have worked for many reasons.

    But sheesh, a currency war to further entrench dollar superiority? Madness.
  13. Theres a few things it doesn't take into account, but it's a 1 man view, not that of any financial group, so what do you expect?

    No mention of china manipulating the yen. The biggest currency manipulation, and has effectively led us to cheap imports from there. Walk away from the EU and we will be subject to even more cheap tat.

    Then our 1 business strength, finance is about to be weakened severly if not totally, leaves us where exactly?

    If he had taken account of just those 2 factors, let alone the others it might be convincing.

    But its only half the story as it is.

    Just a clouded view of saying we need to join the USA. Do we really ?

    Typical. Jump onto a story and say, see I know what I am doing. And proving exactly the opposite.
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    Number nine on your list,,, Hmmmmm This would be yet another "Care in the Community " extension of..... Before ya know it, you'll have people living next door to you who (probably ) escaped from Broadmoor. Simply because they didn't plan to poison you, knife you, shoot you, kill your pet rabbit, hang your cat, burn your house down (delete as applicable) within the first few weeks of moving in,, Corbyn would claim that "This shows "Care in the Community" to be working, and valid proof that communities do care about schizophrenics and psychotics , (who simply forgot to take their medication before going on a murderous rampage) does indeed work.. A whole new industry will be created. Healthcare workers will be trained in "How to spot the potential murderer in seconds" Community nurses will be trained in "Ensuring your client takes his/ her medication in 10 seconds"

    Yep sounds like a plan. ;););););)
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    Fess up DA, how much have you sent Gina for her crowdfunding stunt?
  17. joinerjohn1

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    DA sent her his life savings, so now lives solely on handouts from the government he so vehemently hates. :p:p:p:p
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    She sucked the remainers into bleating on about her actions being good for democracy, upholding the law of the land and 'democratic rights'.
    We all knew it had bot-all to do with that and now she's proved it.
    "I will vote for whatever party wants to keep us in the, EU".
    She's even threatened going back to court if the negotiated deal is not to her liking.
    What a $@#%! #$÷!% /@$%.
  19. Phil the Paver

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    How is she even allowed to have her day in court she is supposed to be just a normal person.

    Yer right.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    She'd a paid for front person, paid for by rich remoaners who have favour with those in power, how else would a "Normal" person get their day in court.
  20. longboat

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    It's a complete farce.
    Let's do away with parliament and elect judges instead.
    What a silly woman she is.
    I can honestly see someone making a martyr out of her.

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