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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Severntrent, May 21, 2024.

  1. Severntrent

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    Interesting quote from the General " the Russian has no regard for human life and is an all-out son of *****, barbarian, and chronic drunk.”
  2. Bob Rathbone

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    We can't generalize so freely on the Russian people, I've been to Russia before all of the mess started and generally the Russians are just like us, they live in small houses or apartments, drive old cars smoke, drink and just want a quiet life. Their major fault as a group is that they seem to lack the ability to select a leader that will represent their needs best, but I suppose we could also fall into the same group with our current bunch of clowns in Parliament.
  3. Severntrent

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    Perhaps not but , depending what figures you believe, there are a few hundred thousand who have decided to pop over and kill their neighbours (men, women and children), seemingly with the backing of their folks back home.
  4. Mark DM

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    If only they had the chance to elect a suitable more moderate leader. Most of the candidates don't make it to the elections.
  5. Alan22

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    To save their nation from the great western conspiracy to overwhealm them, never underestimate the power of tv, the average Israeli thinks they are about to be wiped out by Hamas, half the US thinks Jesus is coming to save them, and everyone in North Korea thinks they are still at war with the US, and we think we get a balanced view of all of it, state television is the most powerful weapon invented.

    People are just people wherever you go on the planet, they all just try to get by and they all like ice cream, they wouldn't be much more without the media telling them why something is someone elses fault.
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  6. longboat

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    From what I remember, I don't believe that, George Patton was in any position to criticise others, so generally, regarding their behaviour.
    No doubt he was a damn fine general, but not a very pleasant man whatsoever. That's kind of the main reason why he was omitted from taking any part in the D-Day invasion force.
  7. Alan22

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    I met a group of Russians when working in Germany, they arrived during the night in a bus they bought and drove it to Germany, half the windows in the bus were missing but it didn't bother them, they slept in it and at night they lit a fire in an old oil drum and drank vodka till they passed out, they were friendly enough in a 'I'm going to take your kidneys' sort of way, I'm not sure Patton was out by much based on that lot.
  8. RegB

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    They're in the army. There's a lot more (and much worse) killing of men, women, children going on right now being done by another army.

    Disgraceful in all cases. I am very glad to say that in both cases the ICC is involved.

    DBCDIY Screwfix Select

    Around 24,000,000 Russians lost their lives in the second world - compared with 450,000 Brits.

    Such staggering losses are bound to have a major impact on the national psyche of the Russian people.
    I believe they are not that different from many other's just that they are being manipulated by Putin - aided by state media propaganda.

    As Europe commemorate's the 80th anniversary of D Day we shouldn't forget that historians suggest it's unlikely the second world war would have been won without the *ordinary Russian populations' bravery.
    ( *Hitler having reneged on a non-aggression pact he'd signed with Russia's military prior to the start of the war)

    source of stats: suffered the,with the Chinese Civil War.

    Imperial War Museum:
  10. Alan22

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    Imagine being a Russian and watching Britain and the US claim they won the second world war, no Hollywood movies recognising the millions of Russian troops that gave their lives, no recognition on armistice day, no membership of the celebrated history club, then imagine what they think of us believing the Hollywood movies and saying it's them that believe propaganda.
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  11. bright_Spark

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    I have always said that our country is no less corrupt than North Korea or Russia or anywhere else for that matter. We are all hoodwinked one way or another by our Governments and we are all just trying to get by the best we can.
  12. Alan22

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    The UK still has a free press and ethical journalism, internationally this respected and relied on as a cornerstone of information reliability, largely as a result of the BBC evolving as an impartial user funded international service.

    Unfortunately most don't question that we have elected MP's who are 'influenced' to remove that.
  13. arrow

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    The BBC are far from impartial, the views they put forward are all left wing woke ideology.
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  14. GS63

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    They aren't Europeans
  15. bright_Spark

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    Neither are we now.
  16. Alan22

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    And the left would say the BBC has a right wing bias, it can't be both.

    The fact is it is in structure and delivery recognised as one of the few globally recognised impartial media's of scale, whether we agree on what they say is a reflection of our view far more than theirs.
  17. arrow

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    They need to go to Specsavers then, for both an eyesight and hearing test. A trip to the neurologist after that for a brain check.
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  18. Alan22

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    You sound like Nadine Dorres:)
  19. Severntrent

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    Asians or africans according to the TV adverts
  20. Alan22

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    Interesting concept that when you think about it, in my head I'm European by geography, but it appears many think it's possible to change their cultural history by not having a trade agreement.

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