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    With rising gas electric prices....and at current diesel/petrol prices, would it be more economical to use a genny to provide pure heating to a home.
    (just a pure heat source,)
    Say taking cost of genny over 5 years.
    Any informed opinions
  2. Air source heat pump + government grant.
  3. FlyByNight

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    Unlikely as you will be paying more for the fuel to start, then efficiency will come into play.
  4. Bob Rathbone

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    The generator route will only pay if you can use both the electricity and heat (Co generation). A diesel engine running on heating oil or red diesel will be fairly economical but will have noise maintenance issues, better to use a spark ignition engine running on natural gas. It will be clean and quiet. As a footnote, expect to get 3 times the heat than electricity, ie a 3 kW genny will produce 9kW of heat. Use a genny that runs at 1500 rev min for longer life, less maintenance and vibration.
  5. jimbobby

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    With the Wispergen which is an external combustion engine sound is not so much a problem, there was at one point a gas boiler with a sterling engine built it, there is not reason why a engine should not power a heat pump directly, to generate electric to be fed into a heat pump seems better option.

    But for any heating system we are looking at a compromise between cost of installation and running cost. My brother-in-laws old house had a heat store in centre of house and solid fuel, solar and LPG all able to feed in, it worked well, when he was in Germany visiting daughters the house could be maintained at a back ground heat of 10ºC using just the electric unused solar power, and the geofencing could get house to 20ºC on his return with the stored energy, when at home lighting the wood burner in the evening was enough of a boost to maintain house at 20ºC and LPG boiler rarely used, it seemed an ideal system.

    However when he moved he looked into having same system in new house, but to install would cost £20,000, at that even if he lives to 100 he would not get the investment back. And it puts very little extra value on the house.

    I would say with this house heating costs around £600 per year, however much is done to reduce the cost other than solar or wind, the lowest one can possible expect to pay is £500 so looking at saving no more than £100 a year and that is unlikely, at 70 it is unlikely at 95 I am still living at home, so 25 years maximum. And 25 years is also about the limit where money borrowed with interest can be worth while. So £2,500 is the maximum it is worth spending so this limits what is worth while.

    My heating costs with oil are less than heating costs when I used gas, but oil boiler around £2,500 and gas boiler £800 so if we had gas we would use gas, but not willing to have a potential bomb in my back garden so LPG no thanks.

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