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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mozlatov, Jan 12, 2018.

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    I'm a 34 year old that's recently moved back to the UK after living in Norway for the last few years. I'm not a qualified carpenter but I found a job working as one there for the last 3 years and as everything over there is built from timber I have a bit of experience with 1st and 2nd fix building new houses and cabins from scratch, added in a bit of experience installing some electrical components.
    Being back in the UK and looking at jobs I've noticed pretty much all of these require me to posses the qualifications and the relevant CSCS card both of which I don't have.

    What should I do as I don't really want to give up on a job that I've really enjoyed but at the same time I need to get back into work so going to college and spending 3 years studying full time isn't practical. I'm literally dying to go, I've got the tools ready!
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    The qualifications mean diddly squat, you can either do the job or you can't, simple as that. You wouldn't spend 3 years full time either, would be 2 part time and 3rd year probably one day a week, or just pay the extortionate £800 or however much it is and have an assessor come out to observe you on the job and give you your papers at the end. CSCS a different story, it's another big con BUT you can't get on any of the main housebuilders sites without them, even though they're not a legal requirement. As much as it pains to give money to parasites, the card lasts for five years, site is always handy to fall back on, even though it's the pits.

    Any firm that asks for your qualifications probably don't have much of a clue about carpentry, just experience in ticking boxes, in my opinion.
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    I have no cards because I don't need them so I'm not allowed on site but I bet the assessor has watched a show I built or set up.
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    When I left school I went straight to college flew through the first 2 years but was unable to find an apprenticeship for the 3rdyear for the site evidence part of the course. I decided to stay in college and do a year in bench joinery which was ok. Now 10 years down the line I’m working for a general local builder doing his carpentry never been asked for any of the certificates I gained in college. My advice would be to get in with a builder or another carpenter to gain some more experience and build s tool collection! I was in Norway July last year fishing for a week what a magical place!! Was in skjervoy
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    Are you a member of RADA lovey!:D
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    RADA is a drama college not a union and I went to GSA. The suffix is "Dear" and the correct terms are turns, twirlies, lamp hangers, scenics, wood butcherers, noise boys and lime girls. :);)
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    Apologies sweetheart x :)
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    Your need to be on the just talk forum with the rest of the mouth breathers.
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    Just go to the just talk forum, you will be happy there, it's full of people like you.

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