Gis a job??.... 18yo passed ACS & Level 2 gas & plumbing Full licence

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by JordanMc, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    What a wally! So not only is he very thick and unpleasant he is also sat at home on the dole eh?
  2. potty painter

    potty painter New Member

    He did make mention of being laid up with a bad back, probably twisted it polishing his head.
  3. sola.....

    sola..... New Member

    no did it when your woman was polising my head :)
  4. sola.....

    sola..... New Member

    thick I just single handedly took on the most ****** site on the net just messing on my lap top, no one has tested my plumbing knowledge lets see ha
  5. ian anderson

    ian anderson New Member

    Hurrah! He's back for more.......let the games begin.
  6. very posh chap

    very posh chap New Member

    Starting to feel sorry for the poor * now to be honest.

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  7. Guest

  8. sola.....

    sola..... New Member

    the way one feels for others is a trate one sees in ones self. i'm to tired and got a life but ill be back!!
  9. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

  10. sola.....

    sola..... New Member

    * Hahahaha , that don't even look like me u fools i'm pulling a fece u dummys!!, HAHAHAHA

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  11. Guest

  12. Guest

    "Hahahaha , that don't even look like me u fools i'm pulling a fece"

    :^O     :^O     :^O
  13. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Oh my god I just * myself....pulling a face indeed....

    Monkey Boy if you are going to pull a face then don't pull it out of your * mate.

    A face that only a mother could love!!!!! yeah love to hate!!!

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  14. sola.....

    sola..... New Member


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  15. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    need my beauty sleep next time looool :):):):)

    You are not wrong there Monkey Boy what is it going to be...the hundred year sleep, lol.

    Some of us are born with brains, some of us born with beauty, some of us are born with brawn, fortunately I blessed with the lot but unfortunately for you the brain, beauty & brawn shop was closed the dark day you dropped mate.

    Down the gym, down the gym, down the gym....who the * sponsors your gym Pukka Pies

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  16. Guest

    'need my beauty sleep'      :^O

    'even in the gym i got 7 girls i can get any time i want'

    any pics      :x
  17. sola.....

    sola..... New Member

    thats the face i pull before i fight or if i'm **** ed up and about to give your ugly bird 1. good nite weirdo!!! go kill some animals make you feel good...
  18. sola.....

    sola..... New Member

  19. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    I don't have a bird Monkey Boy i've been too busy studting and gte my qualifications mate.....

    You know what going back to yesterday....I threw you a challenge bt you still have not taken it up...are you going to to take me on Monkey Boy go on put your gas number on and lets see.....

    That will shut him up for the night...

    See you tomorrow Wayne....
  20. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Hmmm how about a pic with 2 gorgeous girls and YOU together....

    Hey and they have to look happy and not tied up...hahahaha

    No prostitutes either....

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