Gis a job??.... 18yo passed ACS & Level 2 gas & plumbing Full licence

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by JordanMc, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. .solenoid

    .solenoid New Member

    did you not get enough experience with the gas engineer you was with for 2 yrs the 1 that would of signed to say you are safe to work on gas. i'm not coming on this site no more its gone to the mad men and ill complain too,, im gone!!!..pluss you got qulified in plumbing too..BS
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  3. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Firstly apologies to all, I did say I would not reply to this inbred anymore but.... said "they even know my name" are you that thick mate??? Do you have no memory whatsoever? Is this why you are not qualified and Gas Safe after all these years??? You just can't remember what you do???..

    Check your posts matey, 2 months ago you made a post asking for someone to do 30 gas jobs with you (this is why I know you are not Gas safe like I am, sorry. But you put your * email address there WAYNE TOMO *** that is why I know your name...gimp...

    I think I have worked it out though now....You say you worked for thames water for 4 years, then you did not know whether to train as a plumber....then because you have plumbing in your blood you consider and ask about a electrician apprenticeship, plumbing in the blood, yeah. Just another who will do anything and looking for the easiest possible thing they can. You may be a failure, but it is no need to have a go at old are you 26, 34, 40 you put different ages in different posts so god only knows. I am 18 yr 4mths and looks like I have piszed all over you.

    I will ONLY go out and face joe public, the people who pay the wages when I am competent and not before. It makes no difference if I have spent 10 years training if I am not able to confidently go out and safely do the job then I do not intend to. My aim is to be a plumber, not a jobber, not a * who is unsafe and offering poor workmanship.

    Jesus get a life mate.
    eeveryone has a choice, mine is to do it right.
    a plumber is for life not just for a recession.
    liabilities like you should go back to packing veg.
    oh and don't notch the bottom of joists mate.
    u should join the US army plumbing division.
    summitskills have wasted their time on you.

    Try another forum, try another job.
    * like you don't even deserve my replies.
    about time you realised you should leave me alone.
    time served? One day I will be. Will you?

    Go find some other inbred to entertain you are really boring me with the same drivel everytime. It is a record that just drones on and on.

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  4. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Hahahahaha you can't even remember your bleeding password, what a surprise??? I tell you what mate you give me and probably many others on here such a laugh, how can one person be so stupid???

    Also report me....go on report me. Who you going to report me to? What are you going to report me for? Being more clever than you? For successfully ripping you? For being gas safe before you? what?? Go on tell me what will you report me for???

    Go onto the Gas Safe website and see what it is for, see who it is for, look at what you need to do the exams etc you may learn something. It is prove you are SAFE to work with and on gas installations...I am, are you??
  5. coppercc

    coppercc New Member

    Well good on you Jordan and Tom as well, it is people like you Jordan that I hope will continue in your success and career. Do not let the ignorant tosspots put you off posting here.

    I know I am not really liked by many on the forum but your sentiments towards your training and work ethic is actually like mine.
  6. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    You need to separate Loz the person ( funny and likeable) from Loz the Cowboy! ( Yee-harrr):D
  7. coppercc

    coppercc New Member

    Oh cling on give it a rest please I am here to stay, so give up.
  8. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Did I tell you to go?


    Though this is a PLUMBERS FORUM.

    This may be better suited to you!
  9. coppercc

    coppercc New Member

    Please tell me your not a member of that forum as well! You really do need to get out more, preferably plumbing if that is what you do.

    And cling on lets not abuse this post as it is genuinely worthwhile reading the progress of Jordan and the master plumber Tom assisting in the future of plumbing.

    So please go and entertain the local sheep, I understand this is the norm in Wales. :)
  10. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    ya gotta give it to jorden, he don't take no *, can you imagine this guy in 10 years time ? he's a cross between * and dev's, gotta be an asset to a local liverpool firm. i can't take him on else i would, but i'm taking him to a job i have for a day in the wirrel, and any other liverpool jobs that come up.

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  11. .solenoid

    .solenoid New Member

    I just take the **** out of dives I got the lot a long time ago im 26, why would you do a trade thats full up when theres so many sparks needed and you did not answer any questions cscs?????, why not go on a few free boiler training courses. maybe plumbing not for you maybe an office you loveee to make things nice and pretty don't you like a little girl. tell you what tell me your facebook name and ill give you mine then ill apologies profoundly,,, just soo much BS on the site lately!
  12. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    This is your post you made here 2 months ago...


    gas training
    Posted: May 4, 2010 6:04 PM

    any 1 in Norfolk that would not mind me getting 30 jobs with them on gas,so i can get my ccn1 so i can complete my nvq 3 please contact me at i work for a man that only does oil so need to do this and will find a way. i will pay £30 a job the same as iv been offered up north witch is a bit long.thanks...
    and the only reply was yourself...

    So saying you got the lot a long time ago just makes you look an even bigger * than everyone thought you was. It makes no difference to me that you have not got your NVQ 3 yet or that you are not Gas Safe registered but I would not tell anyone you are if you are not because then you can be reported matey.

    Things will change, it is not always going to be bad and plumbers will always be needed despite your theories, if I wanted to become a spark I would have done, I made a choice just like you did, except I have chosen to do it better than you, sorry.

    Inbreds are not allowed on my facebook page i'm afraid and *** do you really think I want your drivel on there as well.

    Oh by the way cscs I am trainee...just like you...but cscs has absolutely nothing to do with my qualifications, I also have a library card, a train pass and blue peter badge now go * your self.

    If you continue replying to my post I am going to continue to make you look like a *, give in, move on, find an inbred and have some fun but stop getting yourself abused here mate it is not good for you. I can understand your frustration at my replies but you have to just accept that I am 18 I spend my life on forums, facebook, twitter, chat rooms and I rip * like you fun so do yourself a favour and keep quiet ***

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  13. .solenoid

    .solenoid New Member

    well your a * that hides behind computers were as i do mma in real life your a sad old man I bet, that is not the writing of an 18 yr old boy, if you got what you say you got you would know you are no longer a traine AND WOULD HAVE YOUR BLUE CSCS CARD you dummy,, i got my gold 1,,, you think you are winning but just shows how sad you are. show me who you are and ill show you what i look like about inbread im from london * he *[Edited by: admin]

    [Edited by: admin]
  14. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    We already KNOW you are stupid.

    We already KNOW you are a cowboy

    Now we all KNOW you are seriously UGLY too! :^O
  15. .solenoid

    .solenoid New Member

    i know fat this and fat that but im a pro mma fighter, and fight real men every 2 months so you have this site all you sad * that would no say * to me in the real world. *

    [Edited by: admin]
  16. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Oh boy are you deluded!

    Keep digging, it's very entertaining!
  17. .solenoid

    .solenoid New Member

    sad * cowards that hide behind your comps on your fat cowered asss in the real world id brake you up

    [Edited by: admin]
  18. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    You have already proved beyond all doubt that you are no plumber.
    You have already proved beyond all doubt that you cannot spell.
    You have already proved beyond all doubt that you are not very bright.
    You have already proved beyond all doubt that you are unpleasant.

    Now you are trying to prove how immature you are?


    We get it.

    Now stop digging before admin kick you off again and die laughing in the process!
  19. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    Oh * what have I done???

    Jesus have you seen the size of this guy??

    Definately not an inbred Wayne, I am soooo sorry mate.

    * me you are big...must have been beastiality not inbreeding...

    By the way it may look gold but if you take your shades off it is a yellow cscs card come and visit me whan I get a site job but bring your card with you.

    London boy eh? Nice one lar...but I am not after a date mate, we all know why you mooved to the country though don't we...yes because you are a true cuntree boy and you can be with your own....moooooo

    [Edited by: admin]
  20. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Now then young Skywalker, don't descend to his level - you are much better than that.

    Jedi Tom says so. :)

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