Gis a job??.... 18yo passed ACS & Level 2 gas & plumbing Full licence

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by JordanMc, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. dainty

    dainty New Member

    There you go lads, that's how to get rid of a moron.
  2. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    i buy a lot from screwfix and hell does my boss so i think ill be taken seriously i keep getting banned, i think this is the site administrator writing a load of *. i shown that he put he has never left the class room yet has these qulifications. i have pasted this * and will send it to management, u take the *. ban me cos of your games i want to see real people on this site...................................................

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  3. Guest

    *** shortly you'll be,

  4. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    lool..why the fuk do i keep getting banned, i'm rite not chatting * and at first was steering a kid in the rite direction till i thought it must be bull,,???

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  5. Guest

    Probably cause you keep swearing son, you're not allowed to say * on this site.

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  6. tetleyman

    tetleyman New Member

    Have you not invited your new gofor to the bath on fridays T/P?
  7. spongeblob

    spongeblob New Member

    smarter looking orang utans than you.

    :^O :^O :^O :^O LMFAO
  8. MMA isnt martial arts - its for school ground bullys, who want to bash other 'kids' head into the floor!

    You need about as much skill as an ape to do that (and by the look of 'waynes' picture, it look like my theory is quite accurate after all!

    I could get a sledge hammer, and hit you in the face until you fall over, and that would be the amount of skill require in MMA. WHo would want to pay to see that (actually there might be a few on this forum now you pizzed everyone off)

    You know what I mean!!!

    I hate MMA/UFC!!!

    Ps: how do you manage to get customers in plumbing, dont people just scream and run away when they see you (arggg a monster!) You know, that kind of thing!
  9. Crowsfoot

    Crowsfoot Screwfix Select

    This thread is doomed!
    Just wait till Monday morning when admin get back.
  10. daddymac

    daddymac New Member

    solenoid is the spitting image of uncle fester outta the adams family! lmfao
  11. midlands heating

    midlands heating New Member

    yo daddymac we could make a film and use this post as the script.
    90 minute comedy/horror LMAO
    run time: 90 minutes.
    Rating: PG
    Producer: screwfix
    Director: The "Proper plumbers with jordan and SB
  12. posh chap

    posh chap New Member

    "The Plumber From The Black Lagoon" !!!
  13. JordanMc

    JordanMc New Member

    This post has gone hilarious but I have made a new one that will hopefully stay serious

    It is great how much fun one ogre can give to everyone else and he really should be applauded for his entertainment value to this site.

    Maybe one day we will see him on tv....I believe crimewatch are looking for actors for their reconstructions. A new Shrek 17 movie is also planned and they need a stunt double...
  14. spongeblob

    spongeblob New Member

    and they need a stunt double...

    Dunno about Stunt Double... more like * Double :^O :^O

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  15. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    looool had to give my self some entertainment laid up with bad back, but you guys are just to easy. and this clever kid just turned out to be a dum nard, but got to give it to u keyboard cowboys FUNNY!!,,, and mma you need lots of skill i box ' the sweet science' and also have a blue belt in jujitsu. helps in life to give you the confidence to talk away from a fight! my oldest has green belt in taekwondo. so it gives your life focus... now what will being a screwfix forum bully do for you!!
  16. daddymac

    daddymac New Member

    What a * fester is!

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  17. spongeblob

    spongeblob New Member

    What a fester is!

    An ugly and fat :^O :^O BTW I,ve got Black Belt.....keeps me troosers up :^O

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  18. solenoid..

    solenoid.. New Member

    ^^^^you got nothing but 2 fingers they also help you get out of bed in the morning, sad old fart...*

    [Edited by: admin]
  19. daddymac

    daddymac New Member

    I have grown tired of winding this bald mupsy knuckle head up. lmfao

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