Glazing advice for veranda.

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Turnipsandbeans, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Turnipsandbeans

    Turnipsandbeans New Member

    Looking for some advice. I've built an Oak framed veranda over my patio. To glaze I'll need 5nr 4200x885mm glass panels. I was looking at using 6mm toughened glass. So a few things:

    The glass is supported along the length of each long side, not a cross the ends. Will 6mm be thick enough to stop it bowing too much?

    Each piece will be around 50kg. I was going to secure suction cups to a length of 4x2 to support each piece along its length, then lift onto the rafters with a genie lift, then manouvre each piece into place by sliding over the rafters/cap boards (can use ladders and scaffold to access) does this sound feasible?

    I'll put the expanding tape, lead flashing and cap boards on as I go from one end to the other one pane at a time.

    Any advice or suggestions based on your experience much appreciated.
  2. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    I would seek guidance from your supplier so far as glass spec goes, but 4.2m seems way too long to me.

    For lifting I'd be inclined to make a simple frame to sit the glass on to lift.
  3. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Screwfix Select

    you will need to split the glass they want fit in toughener to long so now its easier to handle
  4. Rather than making your new veranda an eysore with glass panels.

    You could make a nice hardwood Ballustrade with nice turned spindles.
    Get a nice wrought iron Ballustrade manufactured.

    Both of the above a lot more pleasant and better than unsightly glass panels.
  5. Turnipsandbeans

    Turnipsandbeans New Member

    Thank you to every one for your generous advice.

    Stevie - yes I'm trying to get advice from a few suppliers, good point about the simple frame, that'll be better if using a genie lift.

    Ginger - Is that a definite rule/reg about the length. I know it seems ambitious. This is a DIY project so I am prepared to faff/fiddle and take my time with installation (with hired genie and scaffold to access under), but you may have experience of this size glass (I don't) and know that it would be impossible. Yes would split if I had to - what is best at the join: but the ends/ butted overlap /longer overap with small air gap (prevent retention of moisture and algae)?

    Deleted member 11267 - Sorry my original post is not clear this for the roof (keep my patio dry). The slope is 0.7m in 3.7m, We will not be having a balustrade, its either access to the garden or planting.

    Many thanks again to you / screwfix community for sharing your knowledge.

    Cheers, Chris

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