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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by MrB, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. MrB

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    Can anybody suggest a good paint to cover external varnished hardwood windows and an aluminium glazed door? The windows are currently varnished and need recoating, was hoping to be able to paint them white as I can't afford to replace them with UPVC, same with the aluminium door.

    Surely if I give them a good rub down, then a few coats of primer, I should be okay painting them? What's the best combination of paints to use / recommended brands?

    Any suggestions / tips appreciated,


  2. dewaltdisney

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    Hi Mr B,

    I am not an expert in this but here are my thoughts. The main problem that I can see is that the varnish, where it is intact, will prevent the new paint getting really well stuck to the wood. The other problem is where the varnish is broken down water could be in the wood. This will need to be dry before painting and you would be advised to wait until the weather is warmer.

    Hardwood, being dense, does not have the absorbancy of softwood and the varnish is sealing the pores in the wood. You will need to do a good stripping job, possibly with Nitromors varnish stripper.

    I would be inclined to treat it with Sadolin as this is a microporous finish that you can 'top up' in future years without too much trouble. If you do want it white, a good primer will be needed to soak in and give sound surface for undercoat and top coats.

    On the aluminium you will need a different primer for alloys and then paint up in the same way.

    I know you are probably sick of the dark finish but Sadolin is a lot easier to do.

    Hope this is useful

  3. w4builder

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    I would use different methods for the 2 different finishes. Varnish, you can just sand down and use undercoat. aluminium, I would use Zinsser, an American product excellent for this purpose. the blue can will be fine for your purpose. it's expensive, but fast drying and nothing will bleed through it. with the blue can your brushes can be washed in water. With the red can (a shellac) you'll need meths. Good luck

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