Glow worm cxi30 boiler/climapro2 help??

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Steely dan EFC, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. Hi everyone.
    Is there a kind hearted soul out there, who can help me with a problem i have had for a while, that is making my head hurt!
    I have a glow worm cxi30 boiler, which has been excellent for 9 years now. It is given commands by a climapro2 remote control handset. I always have duracell batteries in the handset. The boiler is positioned in a rear bedroom cupboard, but the rf receiver is on the outside wall of the cupboard.
    The problem is, that the heating turns itself on, automatically, without command. I can be sitting there, on a summers day, sweating, not realising the heating is on full blast. If i look at the screen on the remote handset, it says "communication error-refer to manual". There is nothing in the manual that tells you how to deal with this though.
    I am disabled, and some days it means 6 or 7 trips up the stairs, to switch the boiler off at the wall. I have to give it 30 minutes, before i can turn it back on, and the message has disappeared. I wouldn't mind even using the boiler maually, but there isnt a single video on YouTube or anywhere else, that shows me how to do it.
    Sorry if I sound thick, but I've always just turned it on and off using the handset, and have never been shown how to operate the boiler manually, if i even CAN do this.

    Regards, and thanks,


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