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    I have a problem with a glow worm boiler,
    24cxi, The pressure is flashing /showing 0.4 bar and the red light is flashing/on,
    I have opened the filing value, but quite a bit of water coming out of somewhere, all
    Other values are in open position,

    I am doing this correctly

    The filing loop value I was opening, which I think is the blue thing at front of the boiler, please tell me if I am getting the name right, which is blue and situated at the front underneath the boiler, I was opening it
    And Water is coming out of the tap from the automatic bypass value,

    There is no
    Pressure going into the system, and the boiler is not firing up.

    The thermostat was turned up and the controls was turned up,

    If the filling loop value is not working, how do I bypass that to get boiler working, and do I have to replace the filling loop value.

    Does the filling value have anything to do with the automatic bypass value

    I know that I may not of explained it right,
    Any help in getting the pressure up on the boiler would be appreciated.

    P.s Also the instructions are **** for the boiler, well it could be a bit more detailed as only one little section for filling up the boiler.
  2. Allsorts

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    Hi Steve.

    I have the 30CXi version of this boiler, and - like you - a wee piddle would come out that by-pass valve outlet every time I topped up the system. Mind you, I only had a dribble each time.

    When I had a repair done afterwards, the guy replaced tons of stuff including that valve - it's a known issue, and almost certainly it'll need replacing. I doubt it costs much and I suspect it's an easy task, but I'm not sure.

    I don't know any other way to top up your system other than to add a separate filling loop, but that would be daft. Perhaps you can temporarily block that leaking outlet whilst you top up? Yes, the blue tap is the top-up.
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  4. Steve-Mac

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  5. Steve-Mac

    Steve-Mac New Member

    Hi Allsorts

    Thank you so
    Much for the information, very nice of you to reply, and thanks for confirming what that blue thing is at the front underneath.

    Thanks for the links as well, I’ll have a look at them, very much appreciated.
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    Can you clearly ID the outlet where the water is coming out from? I think I recall it was just a plain round hole in the brass body?

    If you can knock up summat to block that hole temporarily - a whittled down piece of dowel or similar - then I reckon you'll be able to top up your boiler to working order and it'll remain fine once the dowel is removed. Make sure it doesn't go in too far, though, as I've no idea what's in there!

    Keep the dowel handy as you'll need it again :)
  7. Steve-Mac

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    Thank you so much for that, I’m going round there today, to see if we can bypass the filling loop value, as I recall reading something on another forum that, the filling loop is to up the pressure, and not to refill the system, as if I am doing it that way to refill the system it will take hours for the pressure to rise, so need to find out if there is another way to get the water Into the system.
    I have also ordered a part which is the filling loop value and the other end is the pet where the water is coming out, so hopefully if both gone, then that will cure both problems, the part is shown on picture 4.

    Really appreciate all the advice and help, so very nice of you to take the time out and help with this matter, very grateful thank you so much
    1st pic is the part that a bit of plastic broke inside
    2nd picture is that part all separate
    4th pic is the part that I have ordered, which is one end the part I need, the other end is the part where the water is coming out of.

    Apologies about the kind of long winded way of explaining.

    Also I found this, could anyone tell me if this would work, which is explained in the 3rd picture with wording

    7238D939-84A2-401C-B55D-C5CC5A586C48.jpeg 6F32C680-D370-4726-9E7A-833D475B07A8.jpeg 753A297B-6E92-4C28-824A-B809B87C7203.png

  8. Allsorts

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    "I’m going round there today" - so this isn't your boiler?

    In any case, you've reached as much (more) info as I have on this issue, so I cannot help any further.
  9. Steve-Mac

    Steve-Mac New Member

    Hi allsorts,

    It’s my boiler, but I’m staying at my sisters due to no hot water or heating

    Thank you so much for your information and taking the time out to reply, really grateful, and very helpful.


    Any information about these boilers and how the loop value pressure tap works the system, and what part it plays, as it may be the auto bypass is sticking, and that’s why the water is coming out of Tap nearby as the bypass is. It opening.

    Thank you so much for all your input very helpful
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  10. Allsorts

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    Can't really advise further. It would certainly appear as tho' it's a sticking by-pass valve and - depending on its cost - that would be the first part to replace as a 'test'!

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