God damn Cats!

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  1. ChrisM123

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    So I have just bought a house (2 weeks ago) that is relatively secluded but does have some access to what seems a street full of cat owners..

    So I was looking at solutions to attach to the few fences that I have exposed.. pics below. Firstly I will raise the height of the slats so I can make it harder to climb as a start for ten.. but I have been looking at google and solutions and they have suggested using angled brackets to stop a cat from being able to get to the top of the fence.. issue is I cannot see any brackets that would do such thing without them being ridiculous in price (for what they are).

    Any ideas? what Brackets I could use.... Looking at 45 degree bend etc.


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  2. kitfit1

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    I'm not shure why you are worried or even bothering about keeping cats out. If they want to get into your garden..........they will. Nothing, other than enclosing it with wire netting will stop them.
    Embrace your new neighbours, cats included, and just enjoy your new house.
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  3. sparky steve

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    No matter how high the fence!

    There ain't no meowntain high enough.
    Don’t believe there will be a purrfect solution to your issue.

    “Just kitten!”
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    Dynamite, Where's Cool PC?, He's slacking :p
  7. AnotherTopJob

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    I doubt you'll prevent cats from entering the garden.
    However, ultrasonic animal repellers can be quite effective at making them avoid the area.
  8. Adamfya

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    Cat **** is one of the worst **** around!
  9. ChrisM123

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    Sorry I forgot the crucial bit.. I have rabbits that usually free roam garden etc...

    Plus I dont want to embrace cats.. people who have pets should keep their pets to themselves... so im guessing no one has any angled bracket solutions...
  10. AnotherTopJob

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  12. kitfit1

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  13. My neighbour used the old half filled bottle trick, seemed to work...
    How about a motion sensing water sprinkler? :D
    Screenshot_20210719-212331_Amazon Shopping.jpg
  14. kitfit1

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    Lol. I'm not convinced that many peeps that have replied to this thread actually own a cat, or even know a lot about cat behavior.
    Yes, cats will run when suddenly sprayed with water...........but not for long. They will sit and watch a sprinkler for ages..............they will suss out exactly what happens when and just dodge round it.
    Anyone that thinks cats don't like water is living in cloud coockoo land.............every cat i have ever had loves going out in the rain. How do i know ?...............all the muddy paw prints on my hall carpet lol.........along with the fact that i have to clean the kitchen floor so often. Plus they always jump strait on me when the come home covered in mud.
  15. JOMEL

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    We have had 5 cats over 60 years.
    They are the most loving little thing terrific company and quite bright.
    We are just old now to have another one.
    But I do miss that friendly paw.

    Sorry if that goes against the stream
    Johnny M
  16. quasar9

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    Kitfit1, Jomel, as a non cat owner I certainly find them to be fascinating if not particularly bright !
    After all Leanardo da Vinci is supposed to have said “ the smallest feline is a masterpiece”
    With all the time in the world, having no worries about the next meal or shelter, they certainly observe , the only way to kill time !
    However I take pleasure in observing them “calculate” the power setting needed to scale a 6 foot fence, sometimes taking a whole minute plus . The athletic ones reach the top in one jump, the poddgy ones requiring a boost mid way with a kick from their hind legs and the fat ones giving up even before they start having concluded they cannot win against gravity. :)
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  17. Owd Midge

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    After trying all the known methods of repelling moggies, I came up with my own version:
    Cats when you observe them tend to run up or down the fence rather than doing either in one leap. They do not like to leap into space.
    Therefore I cut wire netting into approx 60 cm widths, bent them in half along the length, and attached to the fences/walls close to the top with approx 30 cms projecting inwards.
    Yes the inward strips are floppy but this being anything but firm, deters the cats from leaving the top of the fence/wall. They would have to leap out and staight down. Even IF they did, then leaping back up the fence with the overhang is a no no.
    It worked like a dream. Just try it and see.
    Best of all, the wire netting is not too noticeable either.
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  18. Mr Rusty

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    as someone else has on their profile "In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this" which is so true.

    If you have loose rabbits and there are loads of cats around, I forsee trouble. Owd Midges solution sounds like it may work, but I wouldn't bet on it. The best way to keep cats out your garden is to have a ferocious cat...

    They are scheming little devils and like to get their own way. Despite the fact we rarely go away, our cat knows the sound of case zips and coat hangers, and hides up in the recesses under the bed when she hears it - I guess she remembers it means cat box and cat kennels!
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  19. gadget man

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    I'm told a hose-pipe colourfully painted and wrapped round a tree or post, keeps them away as it resembles a snake...o_O
  20. quasar9

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    It might work once or twice at best. The cat will soon pick a safe distance and observe. It can sit there for hours knowing a real snake will not remain exposed for long and will move sooner or later. After a time of no movement it will move closer in stages and eventually work it out.

    Cats rely on speed and a memory of bolt holes. Have you seen them deliberately taunting a dog ? They slow down to ensure the dog has seen it but the game starts when the cat stops in view of the dog but in a safe place like a high fence, wall etc. The dog goes wild, usually restrained by its owners while the cat stares and observes.

    It knows it’s in no real danger because if called upon, it can go into 150% sports mode, limited only by the thermal trip switch on account of the fur ! That minute is enough for it to disappear from the scene or into a safe zone.

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