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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by koolpc, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Dr Bodgit

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    Praying is a placebo. It might make the believers feel better, but it makes **** all difference.
  2. btiw2

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    Come on, you're a doctor![1]

    The placebo effect is still an effect. It can make a difference.

    I think it depends on the nature of the malady. We can agree that praying to restore a lost limb is useless. But, as an example, quiet prayer may help relax patients with heart complaints.

    I guess there'll be a large experiment. Because, if congress gets its way, prayer will soon be the only affordable medical intervention available to many US citizens.

    [1] usernames don't lie, right?
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  3. Dr Bodgit

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    Sure, praying to yourself might have some effect but then its akin to contemplation, may be even meditation a bit. The effect then is from what you're doing to yourself, "God" plays no part.

    I meant to say praying for others, this is 100% useless just like praying for the return of a limb.

    "Pray for the victims" we hear again and again, it does no bloomin good!
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  4. koolpc

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    Thing is, even the basic of basic answers would not be enough for an atheist!
  5. koolpc

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    Where did you pull that from?
  6. koolpc

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    Eat a piece of bread. Was you forced?
  7. koolpc

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    Blame God again! Typical when something bad happens

  8. From your comments

    True believers have such a strong faith that they would die for God. You find that so hard to understand.
  9. koolpc

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    Too easy mate. Why should He?
  10. koolpc

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    Terrorists are a different breed mate. They dont think like a 'normal' person. Millions of people in the world who believe in God but you dont see them strapping bombs to their bodies!

    (Nice to get this thread fired up again!) :p
  11. Dr Bodgit

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    Yeh, the only ones strapping bombs to their body are the ones that really believe the **** written in the Quran. They really think they will go to paradise and get 72 virgins. Martyrdom and Jihad are truly evil ideas.

  12. I dont understand or see any difference.

    If you believe, you believe. You have said that yourself.

    Just a set of conditioning, depending on which book you read.

    Look at the history of all religions before you suggest 1 is different to the other.
  13. Dr Bodgit

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    There are two key aspects that make a difference across religious people and their behaviour
    a) which ideology they follow/buy into
    b) the extent to which they really believe it.

    If a) is Islam and (b) is 100%, then you have a jihadist.
  14. The placebo effect of praying is real and can be considerable. If people believe they can do something, or believe they can get better* or believe that god is by their side, then they can do things they couldn't normally do.

    Believing that god is truly on your side when you are feeling as tho' life has nothing to offer, can give you the boost to get on and make a go of stuff. It can also make you strap on a belt of explosives and send your head sky-rocketing. So, pros and cons innit.

    *Obviously chust believing you have been cured of cancer ain't gonna make it happen (ask Steve Jobs when you meet him), but a positive mental 'tude is accepted as being a help towards a cure for many ailments.
  15. Go on - try me.
  16. koolpc

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    So, you think everyone who believes in God is out to blow themselves up because of their beliefs? o_O
  17. Ah. So he chust don't like it easy?

    What a tease :)

    (Anyhoo, how do you know he don't like it easy - has he bin talkin' to you, mate? Pal. Friend.)
  18. koolpc

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    Check my answers in this thread to your questions............Yes! I did give them, now behave, or is that beehive? :p
  19. Or is that a body-swerve?
  20. koolpc

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    Does anyone know God, pal? Its so easy for an atheist to throw up the usual statements. Its because they are just so afraid to believe. They maybe have tried in the past but just gave up on God. One trip and they go running for cover. Maybe they fell over and grazed their arm as a kid and immediately blamed God and never gotten over it! lol

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