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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by koolpc, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Forget your so called sins and go and filleth thy boots! ;)
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    Seems like that i guess to the 'outsider'. Our church is 140k in debt. Trying to find money to pay for a new heating system. Vatican may be extremely wealthy but we dont see any of it locally. Wrong? Yes.
  3. koolpc

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    Quoted from someone who doesn't 'understand' God

  4. And the basis of your argument has to revolve around this fundamental question.

    Why do all the best questions get ignored so often?
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  5. koolpc

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    Not a fundamental question. Just an atheist groping in the dark!

  6. How so? please explain.

    By the way im not atheist
  7. koolpc

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    I answered that question further up the tree. Its one that always gets asked by atheists.
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    Nun at my school was evil would take great pleasure in caning and throwing blackboard rubber at pupils heads I got it many times
  9. koolpc

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    Yes, nasty people in all walks of life. Look at healthcare. Humans will be humans whatever 'hat' they wear.
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    The Song of Bernadette
    The Song of Bernadette is an amazing story. When it was first published in 1941, it was acclaimed a great literary masterpiece. Franz Werfel's great classic is now available in a new edition abridged by John Martin.

    Adapted from Franz Werfel's book, the 1943 film of "The Song of Bernadette" , was nominated for twelve Academy Awards; and Jennnifer Jones won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Bernadette. The film had at the beginning: "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation is possible".

    So I think you are wasting your time discussing this on here Kools:)
  11. Sorry but I cant see your answer.

    Until or unless you can answer questions like this, specifically, then you have no argument.

    A vague, its his choice is not an answer, its avoiding an answer.

    And if he/she/it allows innocenrs to suffer and let criminals and scum get away with bad actions I wouldnt even want to believe in it
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    If God existed he would do something about checkatrade and rated people now that's evil
  13. koolpc

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    Maybe.........maybe not
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    L A P fittings
  15. koolpc

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    You need to search a bit more. God gave us free will. Why should God see fit that no harm comes to anyone? Why? Jesus picked up his cross. Why shouldn't we?

    Innocents die. Life can be cruel but why should God step in? Why?
  16. koolpc

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    And DA's posts! lol :p

  17. Cos he is a force for good?

    And he cant sort out the truly innocents.

    All you have done is reinforce exactly why I, and im sure many others why I cant believe in it.

    Ive had to make difficult choices in life, as everybody has to. I live by my conscience, I dont need any prop to justify my decisions
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  18. Phil the Paver

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    I've posted this before on another thread, but its time to come out again.

  19. chippie244

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    Not mixed up at all, he is very sure on his opinions.
    So why is christianity right and judaism wrong?
  20. chippie244

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    And I will die happy whilst you can't even live happy, who's got this one right?

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