goldenboy £60 to fit an internal

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by starlight tiles, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. yorkshireboy

    yorkshireboy Member

    I think were getting confused between new doors and replacing old doors.
    You're not going to get 60 a door on a straight forward new build ,all new .
    If Mrs Smith wants new doors fitting up and down I would say £50. So £60 is not excessive.
  2. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    that is a fair point yorkshireboy. However despite my and your disagreements and i am sure some tongue in cheek insults from both myself and you, you must agree that mazballs definition of quality work differs from what the majority of people would class as quality work
  3. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    quality or quantity.i think your's is quantity in notes.arguementative runt.
  4. prince

    prince New Member

    You must be charging more today then Mazball, seeing as you can post on here at 3.05pm... Nice work if ya can get it!!
  5. yorkshireboy

    yorkshireboy Member

    No offence meant or taken from our banter Golden.
    In my opinion a decent tradesman has to strike a balance between getting a job perfect and working quickly,depending on the job.
    If you make your linings 1/4 inch bigger than the door you can fire the doors in like Maz and fill your boots.Try and get them perfect like you say and its more work hence your higher price.
  6. deadonmate

    deadonmate New Member

    golden how come your posting from 2005? lol

    Have been carpenter/joiner for over 20 years, I hang properly 4 doors complete with standard latch and handles in an 8hr day on my own and charge £45 each, 2mm gap top and sides, 6mm gap on the base.Usually planed head and sides to suit old frame.

    Have heard this all before "I hang 20 doors a day mate" b*llocks and this was a fitter from a retail door supplier.

    Worked in usa for a while, now their doors come in kits prefitted to linnings, holes predilled for latch, hinges pre fitted, etc you could hang 10+ per day to an excellent standard.

    Everyone knows you get less on site for hanging doors as well as everything else, no way will you get big money per door.

    Worked on one site had a bunch of farmers working as joiners, one guy routered all hinge recess's, another pre-drilled for latch then the rest hung them in 2 man teams, all new build, £12 per door, 20-25 per day it was just beer money for them and as for the craftmanship well it was b*llocks.

    Hanging a door, if you care about what you're doing, is an artform, so you expect good money for doing it?

    If you don't, get the Poles in, £2 a door, they might be on with 6" nails lol

    There's a massive difference in price for sitework and for a self employed tradesman not subbing work but running it all himself, try it out yourself maz it's bloody hard work.

    Good Luck
  7. foxy

    foxy New Member

    I've just read this highly entertaining thread and can't believe some of what I've read.
    Deadonmate....................dead on mate. :)
  8. prince

    prince New Member

    Exactly deadonmate!! of course everyone thinks being Self Employed is a doddle!!
  9. ivor bigun

    ivor bigun New Member

    I charge £125 because it takes me all day to do one door and sometimes I have to work late to get it finished! Maybe it's because I'm really **** at my job.

    Do you think this has any bearing on why I ain't got much work on?
  10. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    4 internal doors a day.are you working in reverse this a wind you're working on 2hours a door.lads can do a front door with letterbox ,3 hinges,deadlock,spyhole,yale,2 bolts in less than 2 you talk a lot or drink a lot of tea.did you mean 4 in a morning.chap on our site 73 even does 6 a day.can't believe that your that would have to charge 60 a door to make any money.jesus how long does a front door take you/2 days.
  11. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    should change your name from deadonmate to deadballs.or maybe mr slow.
  12. prince

    prince New Member

    I really would like to see the quality of their workmanship then Mazball. You sure you dont work on Dolls houses??
  13. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    who woke princey up.oh come lads so your telling me you can't do at least 6 internals a day.are you sure you lads aren't diyer's.if i only done 4 internals a day i'd have to charge 60 a would last a day on site doing 4 a day,but hey not many site joiners on here.just you're everyday plodders on here.
  14. prince

    prince New Member

    Seems its all TRADESMEN here Maz! Not your average Rough *** Site chippy
  15. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    4 a day is that by hand,gotta be mate.what takes so long,really.get yourself a cordless planer with a on gas springs to'll be upto 8 in no time.
  16. joesoap

    joesoap New Member

    Thought for a minute you were on about a gyneacologist at that rate !
  17. m x

    m x New Member

    Its 4 doors in a day for me, i dont see how its possible to do them any quicker. If I have put the linings in they may go in a bit quicker but then I've spent extra time putting the linings in.
    If MAZBALL told me he got 5 or even 6 in in a day I would have said fair play but 10 11 12 is just ridiculous.

    Sorry but as a joiner myself I have been reading these post for some time now and always find other perspectives on things very helpful but MAZBALL, you have absolutely no credibility at all. Surprise me one day and post something informative/helpful/interesting or just a genuine question

  18. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    well worked with over 100 joiners mate who all hang 8-10 a day no probs.maybe cos you charge so well you just plod on.maybe 4 is all you have ever done in a day.maybe your in a rut.maybe you not a proper joiner.
  19. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    for all thats being said on this subject(including me) we are realy talking about two different jobs

    piece work door hangers on sites (or un occupied houses) and carpentry work in peoples houses

    the quality (tollerances) of the work required differs somewhat
  20. fragsie

    fragsie New Member

    My two cents - i fit around 4full sets a day on site when the job has them running - we generally do interior work using komfort systems. this means a 836x2040 solid door (sometimes with vision panel), 3" lock n latch with euro cylinder and escutchions, handles, kick plates and door stops.

    frame is pre-cut aluminium which we cut to size - door routered on site for lock/hinges........£75 per door.

    If i fitted mrs smiths 6 panel down the road - £50 is a fair price. As long as you leave a good job and would have it in YOUR house without wearing a mask and shouting stand and deliver who cares how quick you did it ?

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