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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by coggy, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. coggy

    coggy New Member

    I was going to get (and still might) the Dewalt 625EK router for £205.

    A router cutter set for £60

    Ive just found this deal for a Trend it comes to £458, but you get a table etc. I don't have a workshop but im thinking the small router table would be good for using in customers homes where without it could be kinder tricky.

    Is this a good deal and is the Trend router as good as the Dewalt ??

    Thanks guys
  2. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Coggy, stick with the DeWalt, you are compromising on the router and this is only a small table, I doubt it would be up to much if you are using it day in day out.

    DeWalt do a router table with removable legs to make it portable at about £300 it would be very useful but do you really need it?

  3. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Woodsmith

    I dont think i would really need it. Do you have a link to the Dewalt router table, just to take a look.

    Thanks again
  4. coggy

    coggy New Member

  5. Pugley

    Pugley Member

    Coggy - I have been following your tool search with great interest.

    You can buy a Trend T9 from for £250 so you would be paying quite a bit for a table and box of cutters.

    Also I am under the impression that the DeWalt router quoted from the same company for £205 does not come with case, fence, guides etc. You may have to buy these as extras thus putting at the same price as the Trend?

    The 2 machines are of comparable quality so it might be worth checking if the dewalt comes with all the parts required to use it in anger?
  6. coggy

    coggy New Member

  7. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Yes Coggy thats the one.

    Advantages are;
    it tends to give you a better finish because you can feed the material through more steadily
    you can mould small/thin section stock that would be impractical by hand
    You can use large cutters which would be unsafe to use by hand
    no snipe at the ends
    good dust extraction
    I'm sure there are more but this is just off the top of my head

    But I doubt that you would use one on site as it is quite big to move about. Fitting the router in any table is a pain especially if you then find you need to use it by hand and have to take it out again, so you would soon be saving up for another router to keep in the table.

  8. coggy

    coggy New Member

  9. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    Coggy I'd still get the DeWalt but the one here comes short of a few necessities
  10. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    yea, think this is a clone of the old 177e, brill bit of kit(but i never got one :( but did hav the 96 :) )
  11. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    I'd go for the trend, uk equivalent to porter camble. Trend do some cool jigs, templates etc. the advantage is that they will all fit. I love dewalt stuff but I think trend have the edge when it comes to routers. It's what they do!!!!
  12. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    markybob,u only got 2 look at the range/brands 2 c that they r mostly identical.
    i had 2 buy a router in a hurrey one day and was swayed 2 the pearles (as i got 1 of there big grinders ) so shop owner told me ,all the same , he got a trend,pearles and draper expert out (wish e got his *** out) any way they were all identical even down 2 the stickers on casing.
    got the draper as the only 1 in stock on 110v, same as 96 but no where near as good.

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  13. coggy

    coggy New Member

    I do really like both, but Trend do have a lot of accesories which swings me towards it.

    Wolf what do you think?

    Thanks everyone and keep the opinions coming

  14. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    B&S. I have had a Perles (Switzerland) for 4 years & was told by their UK office that they make the T5 for Trend. Today I posted a review on the Perles on another forum in a discussion about the T5.
    Perles are cheaper than Trend too.
  15. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    ooh, and such a pretty shade of red.
  16. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    You hear this alot with tools being generic to others etc. I do not disagree, but there are differences that may not be immediately visible, such as component/material and build quality. I have here a Trend catalogue, last page is a compatabily chart, if these machines are identical then all the accessories would be compatable.... so NOT the case. Take a look and make the right decision for you.

    Best of luck

  17. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I have a recently bought T9 router and the Craftsman table.
    The quality of both products is superb although the table comes as a `bare bones` unit and needs a few accesories for ease of use.
    Comparing the T9 to the DeWalt the Trend wins hands down and I`ve used both,
    Best to go and look at all products and make your own desicion.
  18. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    hi you all !! and COGGY, did ya yell young fella me lad!??? sorry for the delay, been at work since 5:30am until 9:15 tonight...damned and blast...why do jobs get in the way!!!!oh yeah, the money stuff thats why!!!!
    right, lets set things slightly less squiffy shall we, the TREND range of kit Will fit the DEWALT range of routers and visa-versa, due to the simple fact that most of their respective kit comes out of the same shipping doors!!!!! as they both cut r&d costs by working together on manufacture as well as buy a trend collet to fit a 625, and it comes in a dewalt box, and inside is the collet wrapped in oilpaper with trend stamped all over it!!!!kookie!! or what, so coggy, stick to the 625ek
    and the trend table, while good and usefull when together really does require a bench to mount it on, as it is not a tall item, we do have the older trend table, same jobbie, diff colours etc, and the 625 is almost as tall as it !!!we use the t/table, if we want to do a small run that requires being well held, and is to small a profile for being held anyother way...
    so stick to that dewalt 625ek and it should come with the side fence as standard, if it does not, ask for it,(at no cost) as they ONLY get SHIPPED WITH THE SIDE FENCE.....dewalt do not provide routers without one...not never!!!!
    regards matt
  19. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    yer, that all sounds good 2 look at the thing, but we all really need 2 try the things out 1st, i once got a 110v hitachi m12v, and should have been the bees knees, but it was rubbish, after a few hours use would not retract from cut. now c they got gaiters round rods?
  20. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Wolf

    Ive been waiting for your detailed opinion. One thing, to use the trend bushes, will you have to have the Trend unibase on the Dewalt?

    Or can you get different size bushes for the Dewalt?

    Thanks again Wolf and everyone else


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