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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Phil the Paver, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Phil the Paver

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  2. Sean_ork

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    more Gove posturing ...

    what happens if the parents misbehave
  3. Phil the Paver

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    Fine the grand-parents. :p
  4. supertosh

    supertosh Member

    I heard it said this morning, "should teachers be punished if kids behave badly at home." Makes perfect sense to me that they should on account the teachers are tasked with educating our children. School insists on instilling good manners and respect.
  5. Sean_ork

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    when I am in charge of everything I will be making it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to watch TV, nor will they be allowed to have access to all forms of anti social media
  6. Phil the Paver

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  7. Cheburashka

    Cheburashka Active Member

    I think it runs in generations of families. For the majority, children act like their parents. So if the parents are anti social, benefit claiming scums. It is highly likely the children will be the same.

    Blaming the teachers is just a cop out by parents who can't be bothered or don't have any morals to teach their children.
  8. Sean_ork

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  9. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Good manners and discipline begin at home, schools have to cater for way too many disruptive and disrespectful pupils these days, children should respect authority but unfortunately they fail to recognize it. What makes perfect sense to me is that your way out of touch with the modern education system and a demanding workload placed upon todays teachers.

    Cheburashka's reply is spot on target!
  10. Phil the Paver

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    I think the real problems started, when the goody two shoes recommended, stopping the use of the cane.
  11. Sean_ork

    Sean_ork Screwfix Select

    yep and if we had any of those lovely mines left we could fill them with naughty people, followed by a decade of conscription, and if that didn't make them nice and polite, send them out in orange boiler suits to pick chewing gum off the streets of Londinium :rolleyes:
  12. teabreak

    teabreak Screwfix Select

    I can't remember where but I read a suggestion that along with the trollies supermarkets should provide cattleprods to keep other peoples kids at bay while shopping;)
  13. proby

    proby Active Member

    Now I like the sound of that, spare the cattle prod and spoil the child.
  14. Phil, do you really, really think that what these misbehavin' kids need is a bit more of the cane?

    Y'know, these kids wot are brought up in households with dysfunctional parents wot keep their kids in line with a good smack? A "DO AS YER TOLD!" slap? "'COS I SAID SO!"

    And then they come to school fizzing with resentment and hatred for every adult who threatens and bullies them into submission, to the one place where they should have someone answering their needs, teaching them about civility and the bigger picture. Only to find that that adult in whom they would love to place the trust they simply don't get at home reach into their desk and pull out a cane.

    You are wrong, wrong, completely wrong. Soooo wrong you could not be wronger.
  15. Biochef

    Biochef Member

    So he's wrong then :mad:
  16. Phil the Paver

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    Just look at how kids have lost all respect for any one in authority, the timing is about the same as capital punishment was outlawed in schools.

    You only get the cane if you step out of line, so if you get it you deserve it, end of.
  17. Oh gawd... :oops:

    How little we have evolved as a species :rolleyes:.

    Phil, why or when do children "deserve it"? When do they "step out of line"? And why would they?

    Or, let's put it another way - why haven't my 2 children ever deserved it? Or any of the children of everyone else I know as friends around here? Why have all these many kids never seemingly stepped out of line enough to 'deserve' a caning?

    Or ever will do so? After all, I have never 'caned' them, or ever would. And they know this.

    So, why aren't aren't they running amok?

    But, hey, if the cane is what it takes to keep your kids in check, then go ahead.

    But, let me guess here, you aren't talking about your kids either, are you? You are instead talking about these 'other' kids, the ones you read about in the Mail. Now, they deserve a bludy good caning - that'll soon sort them..
  18. Phil the Paver

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    Could you contradict yourself any more, you go on about your kids being good, so why would they deserve the cane,????? anymore than any other good kid.

    It's the bad kids that deserve to be taught how to behave, because the softly softly approach certainly isn't working, it will only get worse the more people like you pretend that every thing is all good if I close my eyes to it.

    Trouble is that it's probably to late already to resolve the situation because who has power anymore, not the police, courts and certainly not teacher's.
  19. proby

    proby Active Member

    Some kids do need a clout now and then but to be honest I think some of the scumbag parents I see and hear on estates would benefit more from a few strokes of the cane, or a jab with a cattle prod :rolleyes:

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