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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Phil the Paver, Jun 7, 2014.

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    Speak softly and carry a big stick:)
  3. Phil.

    I'm a nice guy. I was a nice kid. Never did anyone real harm. Lived in a small village in a small island in the Ooter Hebrides.

    But, as a kid, I still stole people's gates and chucked them in ditches, sneaked into their allotments (crofts, actually) and dug up their vegetables, turned on their garden taps and left them running, knocked repeatedly on their doors and windows and ran away, stuck hose pipes into their sheds and left them running...

    We called it 'sprint'. And the idea was to run like hell, adrenaline pumping.

    It was what kids did. 'Cos it was fun and we believed it to be harmless.

    See these kids who knocked over the salt box? There are two things you could have done - one is to act 'human' (y'know, like they are) and to have chuckled with them and said something like "I can't believe it - I used to do stuff like that when I was a kid..." before adding that stopped doing it when you realised you'd genuinely upset some people and realised it wasn't anything like as 'funny' as you thought. You hope that they won't do it again for similar reasons - because it causes a lot of upset to a lot of people on the street, and blah, blah, blah...

    They will look at you, recognise you as human, and very likely stop - it's called 'empathy'.

    The other is precisely what you did - get angry and chase them.

    This time they look at you, recognise you as an 'angry adult who hates kids', a twit who rose to the challenge. They will likely do it again.

    The path you chose gave them the 'sprint' they were after.

    You mug.
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    DA you misread, I didn't chase them the wife did, I wasn't there.

    Today when there did it again in front of my wife, so twice in two days, they run off again.

    So next time if I'm out there, they won't run off, because it *** king hard too with broken legs, little pieces of shhit.:)
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    DA, getting caned for something you didn't do is sure to cause resentment.

    But I bet if you asked any kids (when they knew what the punishment would be) they would say they deserved what they got. They knew the consequences and were not resentful to receive the punishment.

    I got the cane once(and only once). I deserved it. I knew the penalty, and I broke the rules.
    I didn't break the rules again. The punishment was there to be avoided.

    You had it. You have not turned into a delinquent thug/slob(and neither have I).

    Why is it that you insist that it harms so much?

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    Yes, one should deprive kids of adrenaline rushes, let them experiment with drugs instead.
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    Thing is DA, some kids do far worse things than chappin on people's doors, or knocking over things (you know this is true) Aye,,, far worse things, for which they get a slap on the bloody wrists, by the law givers. These kids seem to think "Human Rights" gives them carte blanche to do just the hell what they want to do. They don't think , (nor feel) there should ever be consequences for their actions. These are probably the sort of "kids" we're talking about. So just what the hell do we do with these ones??
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    Mr Handy, he's a school governor, you can only be a governor if you are the sort that lives be the new age thinking.:rolleyes:
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    Trouble is we don't deal with offender any more, what happened to Borstals??.
    What's today's option.
    Cushy, hotel room with PS4 and sky TV.
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    DA, if you really did do most of those things, you wasn't a nice kid, you were a little shitt, who should have had his arsee smacked be his dad.
  11. Mr Ha, are you telling me the reason you didn't do that thing again was because you were caned? You were physically punished? You stopped doing that bad thing because you feared the pain?

    Wow - what a reason.
  12. Yes I know some kids do a lot worse than that, JJ. But to try and suggest on here that those who commit serious crimes get away with it 'cos they really believe 'human rights gives them carte blanche to do so' is just pure silliness.

    That's just a glib, throw-away, mindless remark.
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    Is it DA ?? Is it?? When I worked for the council, I was sent to a school one afternoon (replacing broken window panes that the little ****'s had done) Just pulled into the car park and one lad, about 14 came over and starts kicking the side of the van I was in. I told him to stop,, and got the reply " What you going to do about it?" and "You can't touch me mate." Sadly he was right DA, as a council employee, there was precious little I could do about it, except report the matter to the headmaster (who in all probability couldn't do any more than you nor me)
    The really sad thing about it is,,, There's probably thousands of disaffected youths at schools up and down the country,, all with the same bloody attitude (all far too ready to pull down the standards of the rest of the school too)
    BTW, it was you who suggested I meant "Serious Crime" ( I never mentioned "serious crime" ) See your trying to put words in my mouth now. There are lesser criminal acts committed by the feral youth, which (apparently) hold no fear for these types, but none the less can have serious repercussions for the victims ..
    As I asked before though,, What's the answer DA ??
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    Carry one of these filled with the liquid of your choice....

  15. Judging by your user name, I think I know what you have in mind.
  16. SpunkyGuy

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    Judging by your reply, I think you need to grow up.
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  17. Well, JJ, any kid who started kicking the side of my car would be physically prevented by me from doing so - it's criminal damage, so you can intervene to prevent it.

    But, anyway, one incident which so neatly 'proves' your point, doesn't.

    Of course there are 1,000s of disaffected youths up and down this country being a complete pita to everyone around them - I saw my fair share in school. I'm just trying to tell you what is more likely to work to sort them and what definitely won't.

    Nobody likes to be told what to do, not kids, not adults. Trying to do that - especially backed up by force - will ultimately be counter productive. I know that from my own yoof, and I know that now as a grown-up. I know it from dealing with my own kids.

    As a child when I did 'sprint' with my mates, and a raging cove came out of the house screaming he's going to tear us a second body part if we do it again, that was the guy who was targeted from that moment on - partly because it was more exciting, but more because he now 'deserved it' in our childish way of thinking. The one who came out and did a pretend shaking of fist at us with a chuckle - but a 'look, you've have your fun now - time to stop, eh?', or the ol' lady who nervously peered out from behind a curtain was left alone.

    Similarly whilst I was in Victoria Park (yep, it's in Bideford) a couple of years ago trying to teach my kids to ride their bikes and came across a bunch of yoofs trying to wreck the safety rail on the steps of a park building, if I had shouted 'what the foff are you doing - f'off', I'd almost certainly have got the same back - and a 'what are you going to do about it?'. Instead I just said 'Aw, c'mon boys - why are you doing that?' (and putting it in the form of a Q also helps.) I was ready to approach them further and give a half-dozen reasons they really shouldn't be damaging that safety rail - but they stopped instantly and actually looked shame-faced.

    (A few things you need to know about groups of kids; (1) they think all adults are wary or even scared of them (ok, we usually are), (2) they think all adults hate them (hmm, most do), (3), they expect all adults to just shout and threaten them and call them everything bad under the sun.) They are frankly astonished when a grown-up doesn't act like that.

    Ok, clearly these kids (and me and my mates as children) were not bad bad kids, but I'm trying to tell you that a child that's dysfunctional from being bullied, threatened and likely hit repeatedly at home, is not ever going to respond or give respect to an adult in authority who does the very same.

    It's basic hooman psychology. Innit.
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  18. That is, indeed, a very spunky reply.
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    Don't try getting smart with me or I'll scour the west country til I find you and then I'll say face to face "Awww c'mon, why are you trying to get smart with me?" And you'll proberly look down all shame faced and I'll then soak your tartan troosers with water so you look like you've piddled yourself and you'll proberly start crying and you'll proberly need counselling for the rest of your life, you worthless human.
  20. You need a good w***, man.

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