Good starter drill??

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by DragonLady, Jan 23, 2018.

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    whilst 2ah batteries are in general good for diy after about 2-4 years old batteries tend to loose around half there capacity [often more so on own brand]and often a bit off the voltage so what is now a 2ah 18v drill will turn into say 1ah by 15v giving poor results
    if you go for ryobi 'replacement batteries have been available for one+ system for possibly 20+ years now
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    Mine is around 5 years old and there is not much noticeable degradation in capacity. Even with capacity loss they are fine for DIY ...
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    Ops probably more confused and bored now and is currently in Argos :D

    As Kiab said, new house, probably get away with a modest combi drill. Older house with solid brickwork, you really need an SDS unless you buy a really good top of the range combi drill and even then, to a beginner, it can be hard work.

    I'd buy a cheapish SDS drill and a drill driver.
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    they may off course be quite close to origional levels but if you drill one hole a month and only require say 20% off origional capacity you wont nessiserily notice the reductions

    but trust me all batteries loose capacity some more than others
    man and boy i would consider my 20 odd years with ryobi dewalt bosch batteries and some lidl as very informative
    all three or 4 loose capacity as said about 40-60% over say 3-5 years with own makes or cheaper the same or often far more loss off capacity
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