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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by hibeealex, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. hibeealex

    hibeealex Member

    Just being shown some stuff on google earth, its bloody frightening how close they get with those camera shots, we can see inside our house through the windows,great for the low lifes, saves them time casing the joint.
    and the garage door was open so all the stuff in the garage is visible. it should be banned i think
  2. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

    Who's is the blue mountain bike?
  3. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    ban it you say,i bet you had a good nose round before you turned it off
  4. Norbert Crust

    Norbert Crust New Member

    It's a great idea, I've just found my car keys thanks to google earth.
  5. malkie129

    malkie129 Screwfix Select

    Well, all the blaggers will now know that I've got foxtrot alfa worth nickin'...sorted !! :^O
  6. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    its not real, its photo's you're looking at, try this, go to the middle of the artic, see any pole ? no, there that proves it,
  7. Norbert Crust

    Norbert Crust New Member

    How do you know? Have you been to the north pole?
  8. ­

    ­ New Member

    I've been to the north circular
  9. ponty.01

    ponty.01 New Member

    That's even worse - nothing but waste, as far as the eye can see.

    Another great pontypost!
  10. Young Scud

    Young Scud New Member

    "Well, all the blaggers will now know that I've got foxtrot alfa worth nickin'...sorted !! "

    It's the same with hibeealex. He just wants us to THINK he's worth burgling. We've been had. while we're busy reading this bilge, hibee is downstairs removing our new Plasma TVs.
  11. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

    Daarn Saaarf, we had 'The Great Train Robbery' but further North of Oxford, it's more like 'The Frail Pensioner Mugging' or 'The Petty Car Theft".

    How glamorous for you.
  12. Ú¶

    Ú¶ New Member

  13. Bcountry

    Bcountry New Member

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