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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Paul Blackburn, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. I have just started getting a strange problem which is when I select a web site on Google and am searching on it the PC suddenly goes back to the Google screen this has been happening a quite a lot lately any advice appreciated.I am using Window's 7
  2. bigfranky145

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    The web page you are on automatically jumps back to the google home page?

    It's a strange one can't say I've ever come across. There's no way your accidently leaning on the keyboard at all?
  3. Creek

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  4. ramseyman

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    You could try using a different browser and still set google as your home page. Firefox for example - there was an issue with Google chrome jumping but was supposed to have been fixed.
  5. Jasson Dominic

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    it happened to me (could be a different case) but it was due to malware ads I accidently downloaded its was due to that. I backed up my data from other drives (not C:/) and reinstalled my window. I would suggest you to wait before reinstalling because after some time my browser started opening ads as my homepage, if this doesn't happen in your case then you might have a different problem. I would also suggest trying a spare keyboard if you have one or disconnecting the keyboard and try the onboard keyboard. might be the backspace

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