Gordon Banks RIP

Discussion in 'Sport Talk' started by KIAB, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Legend. The word is overused but correct in this case.

    Should have been Sir Gordon Banks.
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    More worthy of being 'Sir' than some awarded the honour today,one example Bradley Wiggins.:mad:
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    I do think Wiggins deserves his.

    Winning the Tour was an incredible achievement. Plus his Olympic golds.

    The French were genuinely astonished that a Brit won it.

    And the drugs stuff is just noise in my opinion.

    The one that always sticks out for me is Sir Ed Davey.

    That is the benchmark for undeserved knighthoods.
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    We will agree to disgree on that one.:D
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    Rather Bradley Wiggins than Rod Stewart surely!
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    Yes RIP Gordon, he was from an era when the top players perhaps earned only about double the going rate for a tradesman so they all needed to work when their playing days were over, but don’t think I ever heard a complaint from any of em, they were doing what they loved and were getting well paid Contrast this with Aaron Ramsey’s reported £400,000 pw when he joins Juventus,

    I don’t agree with how the honours system seems to work, but when you see who does get Knighthoods such as bankers that nearly brought the country to its knees not so long ago, and top so called business men who seem to be above the law while asset stripping once profitable concerns, then yes I believe there is a case for Knighting all the World Cup winning team
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    Its a tough one.

    Stewart famously has that football pitch in his back garden and Wiggins I think is in a band part-time too.
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    The Government and indeed far too many peeps on this forum have got there eyes on ONE thing only....................................that THING certainly has got nothing to do with the good running of our institutions or the civil service actually serving us............Gordon is a bye product of Government/Civil service neglect...................as in fact most of the entire population is at the moment.

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