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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Sam and Daniel, Jul 17, 2021.

  1. Sam and Daniel

    Sam and Daniel New Member

    Does anyone know a rough estimate for a 16-tonne (approx) grab hire lorry and the length of the arm?

    I'm doing serious garden landscaping to our house and have removed a lot more junk (stones, bricks, bed frame, broken glass, tins, intact Gordon's Gin bottle, and a ton of surface level bindweed) than I'd imagined. Plus, there's a significant amount of soil, as I'm levelling it off as well as sieving it.

    I filled up one 8-yard skip towards the start of my project back in May but can't afford several more, have had two bonfires and have a pile of mixed waste next to two piles of soil with 50% of the garden still to go.

    If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative in Lincolnshire, don't hold back (council skips only accept one small bag full per day).
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  2. jonathanc

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    About 250 quid. Reach is about the same as the length of the body: 7/8 metre ish
  3. Sam and Daniel

    Sam and Daniel New Member

    Thanky you.
    That's not much more than I paid for the single skip that I filled in half a day :rolleyes:

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