Green gunk on wires

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by teabreak, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. teabreak

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    Hi a question for the sparks out there if you would be so kind.

    Mrs teabreak is decorating the old cylinder cupboard now the new combi was fitted and I had to move a junction box off the wall for painting.
    The wire had a small amount of the green gunk on them which you see from time to time I cleaned it up with meth wearing some disposable gloves and all seems fine.
    I understand it’s plasticiser leaching out of old PVC when heated as it is an old airing cupboard and the live wire (most affected) terminal screw looked stripped, I’m hoping that’s the end of it.

    My question is just how nasty is this stuff, surfing the net is like reading those old home doctor encyclopaedias you are convinced you have three tropical diseases despite living in Camberwell!:eek:

    Opinions seem to run from fairly innocuous to one step down from Plutonium!
    My guess is it’s OK as long as you keep it off your skin out of your eyes and orifices but I would like to know how the guys that work with it feel, have any of your bits turned green or fallen off ?;)

    Best wishes ,
  2. seneca

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    I've never taken it too seriously, I would of course wash it off my hands before eating my sandwiches but I think it's more of a nuisance than anything else, it does make a mess of the wallpaper! I have tested it for conductivity before now and found no problem, I've also never found any problems with insulation tests on affected circuits.
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  3. MR DIAZ

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    Green gunk on wires = Lucia Fermi
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    attached may help??

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  5. teabreak

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    Thanks for the replies and for the link. Seems if treated sensibly it is no real problem. Mind you I have got very angry lately turned green and woken up with my clothes in shreds sometimes………………:D:D

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