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  1. Hi Sorry for all the posts i figured i best post the problems on separate posts to avoid mix up.
    I noticed green on my copper pipe which carries gas and am a bit worried about it, here is a photo, is it a problem?
    The photo does not show the green very much-loks like grey on photo but is actually green, its a lot more greener when you look at the actual pipe, its in the boiler cupboard, is it anything to worry about?
    Many thanks green on gas copper pipe.jpg
  2. Astramax

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    Stop worrying would be good advice! :)
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  3. But its a gas pipe, thats why i am worried, I tried googling and could find nothing.
  4. Astramax

    Astramax Well-Known Member

    No need to worry then, you did the same last year with plumbing thinks you are looking for non existent problems! ;)
  5. It's cos the old owner was a cowboy builder who messed around with the pipes and one water pipe did leak a couople of years ago, and cos i live in a flat with a false timber ceiling I worry about rotting the timber above thier plasterboard, but i know that isnt a gas engineer issue.
  6. It's not at all a big issue it can be removed.
  7. Dr Bodgit

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    The green is just a bit of tarnishing, doesn't lower the strength of the copper, nothing to worry about.
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  8. WillyEckerslike

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    Agreed. Anyway, what's the worst that could happen.....?

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    The OP could continue posting.


  10. facilities

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    Oh noooooo, now she’ll be back :(
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  11. Bob Rathbone

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    The green stuff is copper oxide, a thin layer of tarnish on the pipe surface that will continue to grow and cover the whole surface of the pipe. The green tarnish will protect the copper from further oxidisation but, if you are so minded, you may polish the pipe with ant brand of metal polish, if you have nothing else filling your day.
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  12. Astramax

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    Brings back memories of the highly polished copper pipework in public urinals................those were the days people had pride in there work. :)
  13. facilities

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  14. Astramax

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    Those copper pipes didn't have chance to go green being so well polished even covered in pee made no difference.
  15. facilities

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    I’ve seen some installations where the copper is on show and they have been made a feature and clear varnished
  16. Sorry for not being here for a while I wanted to stay away so I didnt pester anyone with more worries, thanks for your replies. much appreciated.
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