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    Hello to the plumbers, just popped over from electrics (my trade) to pick your brains. I purchased my house about a year ago, it has a nice new modern bathroom with a Grohe built in bog, all very nice until this morning I heard a splat, splat, splat from behind it.

    Eventually I managed to figure out how to get the top half of the front panel off, and discovered the fibre washer on the tap connector had gone duff, afer much swearing, messing around with long nose pliers and pipe grips I got it changed through the 1.5 inch access at the side.

    If I hadn't managed I realised I would need to take the bowl off to get the bottom panel off and potentially remove the whole frame to get to the side of the cistern.

    So I am armed next time, how do you get the bowl off??, there are no bolts on view, looking up from under it with a mirror there are two white plastic blocks that seem to go over locating pins - there was a fairly long allen key in the bathroom drawer, but no allen bolts on show - would I be right in thinking if I took the seat off and the seat fixings out of their holes that the fixings are accessed that way??

    Viewing the Grohe assembly video (which uses a pan with exposed bolts, much better idea) It looks pretty simple once the pan is off to get to the outside of the chasis.

    Many thanks!

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