Ground Source Heating for new outbuilding - impractical?

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by BikerChris, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. BikerChris

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    Hi all,

    This might be a stupid thought, but bear with me.

    I've looked into ground source heating for a new Outbuilding that will be used as an office and tool shed, problem is that most online stuff related to houses (2 storey+). Is there any system that would work with an approx. floor area of 23-28 sq. m. single storey building with flat roof? No hot water needs, just heating. So far the U Value is going to be around 0.15-0.30 W/m2┬ĚK, when the cost calcs are done, it might end up different, as usual :-/

    Probably pie in the sky stuff, but just thought I would ask cos I can't find anything on the internet about small projects.


  2. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Well-Known Member

    For a small installation try an air source heat pump, it will give cooling in the summer also.
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  3. BikerChris

    BikerChris Member

    Thank you Bob, I'll look into that, cheers!

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