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    I have been working with a landscaping contractor over the past few months who have been installing a porcelain cobble path for me, as well as a porcelain tiled patio. Both have been installed outside in my back garden between mid-December 2021 and mid-January 2022.

    For both the cobble and the patio they have used the mid-grey grout here, however the end finish has come out white, rather than the mid-grey we were expecting. The grout product does turn mid-grey if wet after a period of rain, but then over the course of a week it dries out to white again. Whilst drying the grout looks very uneven, with some parts drying white after a day, while others (e.g. parts with no tree cover) drying much more slowly through a range of different shades of light grey until also ending up looking white.

    I have attached pictures below of the cobbled area. Since this issue occurred, I have purchased some of the grout myself and used it on two sample tiles which I have lay on top of the cobbles when they are dry in a couple of the pictures below. I have also used a dropper on one picture to show the difference in colour when wet vs when dry.

    I'm not an expert, but the grout I have mixed myself as part of this exercise appears to be the correct mid-grey colour when dry, or at least much closer to what I hoped for in the grout around the cobbles themselves. The sample I have created has only been stored indoors.

    Please can anybody help with me the below?

    (1) what may have gone wrong with the application of the grout to the outdoor cobbled area in order to result in this white colour and what (if any) solutions there are in order to remedy it?
    (2) is the extreme colour difference when wet through rain compared to when dry normal? I.e. would this happen irrespective of the grout used?

    This is the product used


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    I wouldn't worry too much. After 6 months it'll all have weathered down anyway
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