Gtech HT20 cordless hedge trimmer problem

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Puffer, Jun 15, 2021.

  1. Puffer

    Puffer Member

    My Gtech HT20 trimmer has given me more than one problem in its relatively short life. It now appears that one of the drive belts has broken, rendering the trimmer useless. Replacement belts are readily available (but not from Gtech) and people seem to have had no problem in fitting them. But, despite my skills with mechanical items (and all relevant tools), I cannot fully remove the casing on the head to access the belts!

    Gtech is useless when it comes to providing help with this, or similar problems. It does not 'advise' removal of the head cover and cannot or will not explain how to do so. It is of course willing to sell me a new head (quite unnecessary) for £60.

    Can anyone please explain how to remove the black casing from the head? I have it loose but I still cannot prise it away from the cast body.
  2. Rich1

    Rich1 New Member

    Undo the six Torx T10 screws on the underside of the unit. Put a small screwdriver in the hole just beside one of the Torx screws that you just removed, next to the silver locking lug. Lever the black plastic part upwards. You will need to manoeuvre this end of the plastic away from the lugs, the other end of the plastic should just pop free, revealing the belts and drive wheels. The top of the case seemed to be held in place by 6 locking tabs, I guess you need to pop those with a screwdriver. I didn't bother with that on my unit, as it was clear that the drive shaft on one of the wheels had sheared, so the only place it was going was the bin. Cheap and shoddy design! The shaft needs to be twice as thick to withstand the forces exerted by a jammed blade. Good luck with your repair!

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