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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by snappyfish, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Both seem to offer a 5.year warranty...
    buy cheap...and maybe in 3 years all will be even cheaper...who knows....
    Other guys on here are well up on these led units...Kiab ? MGW ?
    Watch for overall length if retro fitting in existing units
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  3. unphased

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    I would say the claims of 60W and 70W equivalent are pushing it, tbh. There is really no need to go for much more than 5.5W or 6W to get a decent brightness. I would be more inclined to spend the extra money to ensure the quality. It is quality of manufacture that is important with this type of lamp in my experience.
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    They have very good light output, nice clean white light, great in my kitchen downlighters, & in track fitting over the bench in workshop, just a shame latest dimmable ones have a buzz.
  6. MGW

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    The problem with replacements for the MR16 lamp is the lens is often not 16/8th of an inch across, and it does not have a multifaceted reflector. (That's what MR16 stands for) Because the area giving light is smaller for the higher powered units it needs something to spread the light, so GU10 spots as wall lights aimed up to a white ceiling may give a very good spread of light, but mounted in ceiling aimed at a dark floor they are useless.

    In general I would say over 5W is not worth it, better to fit 4 x 5W than 3 x 7W simply because of the area giving out light. I really can't see point in GU10 any more, better to get a 5" flush fitting LED the area lit means they are far better.

    With a tungsten lamp the tubes did not work that well, the small element inside a Perl globe to spread light worked far better, with fluorescent the reverse long tubes worked well, spiral or other methods to form the tube into a bulb did not work. With LED panels work well, round or square they send defused light in all directions. As a bulb it depends which way up, base to bottom and light reflected from the ceiling they work well, turn the same bulb with base to top and base tends to overheat and light is not as good. With a GU10 in a ceiling it is impossible to mount any other way but base up, so the larger units get too hot.

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