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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by granjan, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. granjan

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    We have just had a Guardian tiled roof fitted on to our conservatory , and they have not put any lead flashing over the tiles where it joins the house brick wall . The contractors tell me it it under the tiles and does not need to be over them . There is a 1cm gap between the house wall and the tiles . Should this be correct ? Anyone got any thoughts ?
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  2. yellowsocks

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    If by under the tiles you mean that the soffit boards of the roof, of the house overshadow the join between the conservatory roof and the house wall, then the contractors are talking bull ****.

    Lead is expensive and if there was no flashing there before for whatever reason they have got to disc cut the wall of the house to make slots to fit the flashing into, again costing them time and money.

    My cheap focus diy conservatory roof had lead flashing even before I upgraded to a guardian

    The best way to deal with contractors like this is not to given them a penny until the job is done properly.
  3. Biffo

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    theyre called soakers .. but you still need a flashing over them 100%

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