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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by marzipan71, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. marzipan71

    marzipan71 New Member

    Hi All, Had my old cast iron downpipe (house is from 1890's) from the room guttering replaced with PVC earlier this year. Neighbour just informed me that when it rains water is cascading down the walls (its a shared exterior wall, of which I have no view). Its raining today and the pipe is clearly not draining as water is leaking about half way up and running down the outside of the downpipe. Walls starting to go mossy etc.

    The guys who installed the downpipe just buried it in the soil down to a depth of a six inches or so. I suspect that the ground is not allowing the water to drain so its backing up in the pipe.

    How can I fix this? Thought of digging it out, putting on a shoe angled away from the house, digging down a foot or so and filling with gravel to aid drainage???

    Any thoughts welcome, thanks!
  2. joinerjohn

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    Did the guys who installed this, ride off into the sunset on horseback shouting "YeeHaa" and firing Colt 45's into the air??
  3. marzipan71

    marzipan71 New Member

    Yeah it seems that way, but the pipe was only ever draining to the soil. Just asking if this is normal, and would putting 12" of pipe or so directed away from the house solve the problem?
  4. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Just going into the soil is NOT normal!

    The water either has to go into a drain, a soakaway or be allowed to flow over the surface from a shoe on the end of the down pipe.

    You have been tucked up nicely mate!
  5. marzipan71

    marzipan71 New Member

    OK thanks for letting me no its not normal - I've now dug out the soil and actually the pipe does meet up with a drain. The drain is about six inches across and is stepped down in size; the plastic pipe has been wedged into this with some broken roof tiles. I'm guessing there's a better way of doing this - any ideas? A cage, or a bit of mortar?

    So question is - if I detach the last piece of downpipe, clean out the drain entrance of soil and rubble, what's the best way to connect up the plastic downpipe with the six inch Victorian clay drain?

    Many thanks for help!!
  6. marzipan71

    marzipan71 New Member

    OK further update... pulled off the last downpipe section and hole filled up with water... on investigating with my hand discovered the actual drain is full of soil and roots and all kinds of stuff, guess it must be totally blocked. This must be the issue - need the drain cleared asap I'd say.
  7. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

  8. marzipan71

    marzipan71 New Member

    Thanks for this. It could be that the stone 'drain' is the trap for an old soakaway I suppose. So the 'drain' would not run to the main sewer pipe you don't think?
  9. doing a bit

    doing a bit New Member

    if it is a soakaway make sure its some distance from the house , water going around the footings can wash away fine soil and sand and cause subsidence , at least 15ft away and a reasonable depth too
  10. marzipan71

    marzipan71 New Member

    Hi All,

    Just to close this one if any help to others - this turned out to be a blocked drain which actually went to a storm sewer and not to a soakaway as I thought (as did DynoRod before the cleared it!). DynoRod used a high pressure jet to get rid of most of the roots and shoots, then augered the drain and that got it flowing again. I then mortared the downpipe back into the hold, covered it with plastic, and filled the soil back over. No problems since then. Thanks for all the help.

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