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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Steve8, Mar 1, 2021.

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    I'm hoping someone can offer some advise.
    We moved into our new house at the back end of last year and I'm looking at replacing the guttering on the garage that has some leakage from the guttering.

    I've had a good look and the guttering sits on top of the wall (Single skinned) and the roof tiles(Rosemary Tiles) over hang into the gutter. The roof is felt linned but it stops before the top of the wall so bascially there is no barrier to stop the outside elements from coming in when the guttering over flows.

    I'm very surprised that with all the rain we have had this winter that it hasn't come in more than it has done, just luck I guess.

    Also to mention that this is on a boundary wall so I can't alter the guttering.

    I'm wanting to replace the guttering because it's cast and will probably break anyway and some of the outside brick work needs pointing which I'll do but can anyone advise on what to cap the brickwork with and also would you run some more roof felt behind ???

    Can EPDM be used as brick capping or would you use some sort of metal capping ??

    Advise would be much appreciated.
  2. stevie22

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    Google ALUMASC gutter.

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