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    let us know what you opt for and how you get on. good luck.
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    As I recall a HIPS for a sale lasts several months but the ones for rented property last about 10 years. If this is correct there will be a lot of work to start but then all the rental related work will tail of for 10 years. I might be wrong but it might be worth checking.
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    Good point Plumb,i am going to see a couple of local est agents tomorrow for a chat,see what the horses mouth says.
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    Or if it's a talking horse, like.
  5. I have done the course.. only the Irish version called B.E.R. building energy rating using DEAP (dwellings energy assessment procedure)
    The UK version is a much watered down version of the Irish one, I took the course to tie in with my other work and there were two courses that were mandatory, one of seven days and one of two and they were very intense. However unsurprisingly no one failed even the florists and hairdressers who were supposedly not eligable for participation. But hey those training providers were raking it in. The BER process, as is the UK one is a disaster and market forces have driven down prices so low that earnings are truly pittifull to the point of being non existant.
    The problem is that any Tom Dick and Harriet are being trained and some are more than happy to make £50 a day for banging a few default buttons on a computer and the public with the resentment to the Hips simply want the job done as cheaply as possible. So how can you possibly compete ????
    There are many excellent energy assessors who will give a far better rating for a property by virtue of being able to operate the system and not rely on lowly default values, but this is time consuming and who would bother for £50. A prospective house seller is happier to spend as little as possible on the HIPS as they refuse to grasp the fact that having a precise rating undertaken by a professional will potentially ensure they do not knock thousands off the value of their home.
    Remember when you qualify you will be entering an already saturated market, if you have visions of simply doing the rounds of estate agents and working for them think on....they are inundated with similiar requests every day of the week and estate agents by their vile nature only employ those who offer a backhander in return, further slashing your potential earnings.
    New build is tied up through cosy arrangements between contractors engineers and architects and independant assessors who have been long at it are scrapping one another for the scraps, a long established and unprofitable market you will be trying to gain a tentative foothold in, just consider how very many assessments you will need to undertake simply to break even on your investment, I am not joking when I say it could take a couple of years at least.
    Just look up one of the energy assessor forums, the last time I looked they were trying to organise petitioning government through the courts for reimbursement of funds for what they had spent on a system that is an unmitigated disaster.
    There are even supposed legislations in place to ensure that any persons with a conflict of interest or a vested interest in any property can not assess that dwelling, well this is wholesalely ignored and not worth the paper it is written on, they may as well install a clause saying assessors can not wear blue underwear on a thursday or eat bannanas after 7pm for what it is worth.
    You do not have to dig very deeply to find a plethero of disgruntled energy assessors if you want to join their ranks then feel free, a fool and his money are easily parted.
  6. Bloody waste of time and a rip off.

    Recently I had to put my Mum's house on the market.

    The assessor arrived, wandered about the house for 10 mins - literally 10mins.

    The report when it came was 17 pages long and contained nothing that would help a housebuyer.

    £380 was excessive.

    I accept that the searches cost money and the cost of training has to be recouped, even the need to make a profit, but £380 is a rip off.

    Anyone who buys a house to day should be commissioning the own surveyor.

    While the HIP contains the searches, your solicitor has a duty of care so they will also carry out the searches.

    If the house takes longer than 3 months to sell then the searches need to be re-done, another waste of time, they should be done once at the point of sale.

    Rant over.
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    Thanks for that,Neville.That pretty much takes care of that little idea altho i wasnt really convinced by the article i read,maybe a bit of wishful thinking.I did visit a couple of agents[vile filth] who basically said'get the qualification and come and see me then and we can discuss fee's',yea,right.Well thanks for all of your info'guy's,upwards and onward.
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    I do a few of these Hip ops and I'm not filthy.
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    So you say!
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    My gran's having her hip replaced as you all know.
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    My ex wife is having both of her hips replaced because she damaged them whilst carrying off my house and money.
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    I got prosecuted for fitting a hip iron for an old lady. Apparently it was only rated for roof work and not joint replacement surgery. You live and learn.
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    My mother in law is dead.
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    Yeah, like anyone would marry you in the first place.

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    It was the second place stupid.

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