Hall and landing lights not working as they should

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  1. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    Hi, this is my first post and I hope that someone can help as I’m at my wits end with this problem

    My problem is that the hall and landing lights are not working as I think they should, the symptoms are the hall lights work as anticipated I can switch them on and off from both the landing switch and the hall switch. The landing lights however can only be switched on from the landing switch if the hall switch is in the on position. I think this is a problem of my own making as I have replaced the ceiling rose and the switch on the landing and must have gotten a wire (or wires)mixed up and I can’t seem to rectify the problem

    I have a 2 gang 2 way switch in both the hall and the landing. I have twin and earth wires going to each side of the two gang switch and a separate grey wire in the hall and 2 grey wires in the landing

    The switches are wired as such

    Hall; black to L1, red to L2, grey to Com with a link to the Com on the second gang
    Landing; black to L1, red to L2, one grey wire to Com on one gang the other grey wire to com on the second gang

    I have continuity between the red wires between the hall and the landing, I have continuity on one of the black wires and no continuity on either grey wire to the grey wire in the hall - I checked this with a length of wire, a bulb and a 9v battery

    In the ceiling rose on the landing I have all black wires together, all red wires together and a grey wire (switched live?) to the lamp holder

    Please someone help as its driving me crazy!

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Magicspark

    Magicspark Active Member

    Can you post a pic of the wiring in the landing light and hall light?
  3. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    Hi Magicspark, thank you so much for replying. I attached 2 pictures to my first post are they not showing? How else can I add them so you can see them?
  4. did your hall lights used to work on two switches or did they only work from the hall
  5. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, we could operate both lights from both the hall and the landing regardless of which position the switches were left at the other end.
  6. Magicspark

    Magicspark Active Member

    Yes i asked for pics of the wiring on the hall and landing lights not the switches.
  7. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    Sorry, my mistake I misunderstood your reply. I've attached a picture of the landing light wiring. We have replaced the landing lights and the hall lights with downlights now so the wiring is in the loft in a junction box but this is how it was wired in the cowling rose after I replaced it.

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  8. sorry but was their always a grey link between the commons on the switch. Because there should be two links for the common one for each switch going direct to the other switch

    is the lights working just won't switch properly

    if you lived in my area i would come and sort the problem out for you.
  9. i think I've found your fault if you look in the switches i think i can see another grey link cable that isn't connected its coming from the top left hand side
  10. Magicspark

    Magicspark Active Member

    Not necessarily.... permanent feed into common on one of the two 2g switches? Red and black are the strappers and swichline out to light from common in the other 2g switch.
  11. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    Yes, there has always been a grey link between the common on the hall switch

    Yes, all lights work but don't switch properly

    Really appreciate the support so far, thank you
  12. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    I've had another look and there is no wires that aren't connected
  13. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    There is a permanent feed on the common in the hall switch which is linked to the other common on the other gang

    When checking on the landing there is no permanent feed

    Just for complete info there are two lighting circuits, one upstairs on downstairs, the landing lights are on the downstairs circuit

    As always appreciate the support
  14. sorry my mistake
  15. terrymac

    terrymac Well-Known Member

    Think your on the wrong track spirits.the twin and earths are line /neutrals in and out . the switched live is grey sheath single conductor , red insulation and is the switched line . Op can you please confirm that it is only the switch on the landing that you have fitted a new one , and the downstairs switches have not had their wiring touched at all ?
  16. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    Hi Terrymac, appreciate your joining the thread and your input.

    I have only changed the landing light switch, no other switch has been altered.
  17. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    I have isolated the upstairs and downstairs circuits and have checked continuity between the switch and the junction box, there is only continuity between the grey sheathed wire at the switch and the junction box, no other wires have continuity between the switch and the junction box
  18. have you checked that you have screwed on the wire and not the outer cover over 42 years doing electrics and this one has beaten me.
  19. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Active Member

    have you checked commons are right the switch i change at home had commons were oppersite way round
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  20. Tricky631

    Tricky631 New Member

    This is how the switch I removed was wired picture was taken prior to removal. On the old switch the commons are diagonally opposite to each other. The other picture is the back of the switch with the wires removed in the orientation it was fitted (upside down according to the 'top' writing on the switch)

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