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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by goldenboy, May 23, 2019.

  1. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Its not the MP's intentions listed in the chart above though is it, its supposedly how the public will vote, both the Labour and Conservative manifesto pledge was to leave the EU and then several million voted for both parties, hardly what you would call remainers.

    Even so, if its a 50/50 split, to get more remainers than leavers you would need to add 100% of the Green party voters to that total. I would imagine most people vote green because they are lentil eating hippy stoners who don't know what year it is never mind whats going on in the world of current affairs, so all it takes is for just one voter to say "whatever man" and put a cross in the Brexit party box and its game over for remain.
  2. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    The Green Party? Crikey,,,, They want the U.K. to cut CO emissions when China is producing around 35% of worldwide emissions and the U.K. produces somewhere around 5%. Ahh well, I suppose every little helps.
  3. Bollerks

    Bollerks Active Member

    The Greens are just water melons - green on the outside but vivid red on the inside - cammo commies is what my old man used to call em.
    EU Elections?
    So what was the result, really, overall? Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen are claiming that zero MEPs elected for Change UK (or whatever their actual name is) is not a bad result for a party which didn’t exist a few months ago. People voted Green mostly because they have been in thrall to a hysterical Swedish child, not solely because of their EU stance. If you definitely wanted to remain in the EU, the Lib Dems were the only unequivocal vote for that position. They did well, but nowhere near the brand-new, single issue party which won, beyond any doubt outside the bubble. Whichever way you add all of this up you get the same number every time and the number is – we voted for Brexit, let’s get the ferk out of there.
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  4. Bollerks

    Bollerks Active Member

    Ok, let's ban the production of electricity by fossil fuels means, let's ban all cars & all other means of transport which rely directly or indirectly on fossil fuels - no more airliners using cheap paraffin, no more container ships using heavy but dirt cheap fuel oil, so no more amazon parcels from China. No more metals smelting or ore extraction because excavators, dump trucks and bulldozers use fossil fuels. No more plastics, paper, cement, plaster or wood production/processing. No need for any computers - they run on electricity, so only for the rich who have enough land to plant vast solar farms.

    Ohh! And no more beer.............

    Welcome to your new world.
  5. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    The Conservatives and the Labour Parties both had the official claim as supporting Brexit in some form ( despite some individuals in each party for Remain).
    So the votes that both those parties should be counted if anything as for Leave.
    That makes it a very good result for a Brexit.

    Only a total idiot who wished to Remain would have voted Tory or Labour MEP if they wished to use the vote to express their opinion on Brexit. They do exist no doubt.
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  6. Broon

    Broon Active Member

    All Of what has been said above is just hearsay. As I said before you can't just assume one side is favourite unless it comes from a poll done on brexit support. (although I do acknowledge that the brexit party did very well)

    What you will find as I said is that the majority of remain voters (Im saying voters, not MP's or Ex MP's or Chips, Golden, DA) are at a stage where we just want what ever is going to happen to be done. If there going to leave without a deal do it or if they are gonna leave with a deal or even the long shot that they stay (I don't think we should stay now before anyone says) so we can just get on with it no doubt the pound will drop there will be price rises again and it will be a tricky couple of years its doubtful we will leave and it will be all sunshine and rainbows god even if we stayed it wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows.

    As a question how many of you actually voted? I didn't.
  7. Dave Marques

    Dave Marques Member

    Since the Brexit referendum it seems like we've lost the plot. Everything is confrontational. Reasoned debate has gone. we've become two 'Camps' leave and remain. Trump 'Fans' get lobbed into the 'Leave' camp, Anti Trump are in remain, any big issue ends up being divved out in the same manner. Leave are 'Nazis', remain 'Loony Commies'. Throwing milkshakes at people is deemed 'Fair' So too calling people Nazi, fascist and racist. 'Direct action' of any kind 'Is always justifiable'. Stroll on...what have we become? The people pumping up this kind of thing need to take a good long look in the mirror.
  8. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    The difference is, the leavers just generally get on with day to day life, they have voted a certain way and then got back to normality, the remainers though seem to have gone full on loony tunes. Leavers go to work, remainers paint themselves blue, join half a million other like minded people and scream racist nazi at anyone who doesn't follow their explicit way of thinking. I suppose you would end up like that if you have all afternoon to lounge about and think about stuff.
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  9. Diyloser

    Diyloser Active Member

    It does seem that remainers are the nutloops of either side, as said, leavers tend to just get on with it and are keeping the country afloat while remainers are moaning about anything and everything.

    Even the news that we are the most invested in country in the EU by none EU countiers still doesn't cut the mustard with remain.
  10. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    LOL See not much has changed since I went away for a few days, Been in west Wales spent a fair old time driving on roads getting there paid for my the EU. ;) Must be why lots of them voted out - gets them to work too quickly and opens them up for business.

    Nato and the EU cropped up in a TV report. An American suggesting that we really should be talking to the EU about a post Nato world. The USA feel that they carry it. One outcome might be why bother with it.

    Trump has stated pretty clearly that he would love a trade deal with us that enabled them to buy the NHS. Reply from our lot - we all have our red lines and the NHS won't be included. Commentator - well what can we offer them especially as they already import far more from us than we buy off them. Maybe chicken, They still get a number of food poisoning deaths from chicken. UK none at all. There producers wouldn't be happy about that. Same beef and lamp and pork. The EU provided 30% of our food. We supply around 50% ourselves. What they would love to sell to us is higher priced drugs.

    Still no joy with trade deals with countries we already have one with. Seems a sticking point in some case has been workers rights. The Tories actually sorted that out for the EU. I wonder why they now regret it and want out of it.

    Some interesting comments about Europe and the rest of the world. Comes down to raw materials. USA, Russia and Chine well lots, some of those far more than others. EU lacks them. UK, well maybe there is some iron or left around Ironbridge and tin, lead and copper etc in Cornwall and a few other places in miniscule amounts.

  11. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    Thats terribly nice of them, i wonder where they got the money from?
    I don't really, but i do wonder where you think they got the money from.
    A TV report, you say.
    "Post NATO world", do you really think that America is looking to wind down and forget about such an important alliance?
    That would really give the Russians what they want.
    I'd like to see the evidence for this.
    Where do you get this misinformation from?
    Were you smoking something you shouldn't, whilst being indoctrinated with these views? What in beejeebus have you been reading, John?
    Considering you feel disgusted by the mere mention of, Trump's name, its rather uncanny that you come across as so very 'his style'.
    Very, very uncanny.
  12. dinkydo

    dinkydo Screwfix Select

    Peter you are spot on there, since the referendum 2 long term members of this forum who are remainers could not accept the result and at every opportunity hurled personal insults to those with a different opinion to theirs, as a result they are both gone although one keeps reincarnating himself, he is easy to spot and is banned again, it’s a shame really because both of them could give good advice on their day, I will say there are also one or two other bitter remainers who sail very close to the wind but at the moment are still members
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  13. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I haven't gone but the amount of circle jerking going on amongst the leavers makes my keyboard sticky and the ignorance shown makes my brain hurt so I'm just leaving you to drown in a puddle of your own mess. :):)
  14. dinkydo

    dinkydo Screwfix Select

  15. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

  16. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    It's pretty clear that some basically don't watch the news or look around for information at all or wonder why mounds of money is spent in parts of the SE UK and as little as possible elsewhere - other than what comes back from the EU. I suppose ignorance is a better option than realising they live in a mythical world.

    :) :) :) One of the curious things about Brexit is the complete lack of any complaints about people manipulation via fake and distorted media of various sorts. Other than 1 court case and all of the inefectual shouting about Cambridge Analytica who reckon they managed to swing it the way it went.

    Trade deals. Latest is 10 out of 40
    Part way down the same page the actual trade balances are shown. Actually considering all of the German car imports the UK does remarkably well there. May be a bit of a problem though - how much of it is from the financial sector. That lot have already said that if they can't trade freely with the EU they are off. There is loads about on that - this is out of date


    The UK tax take from that sector is pretty similar to what is sent to the EU so could easily wipe out the savings from leaving especially as none will be coming back. In fact it could result in a loss.

  17. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    15 years on here.

    No bans, no warnings.

    Couple of deleted posts but thats it.

    Come back in 15 years and it will be the same.
  18. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Looks like Trevor has got himself a new stalking victim.

    Phone calls and all kinds of stuff coming up no doubt.
  19. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I don't know why he wastes so much time for absolutely no gain. o_Oo_O
  20. Broon

    Broon Active Member

    Dave I feel you have just been proved right on all the comments after yours with those that are as you say put in the 'leave' side blaming the remainers and then those in the 'remain' side also staying true to form.

    I have seen a few threads started which were to get the two sides working together (even started one myself) Mines ended up a bomb site but Chips then did it and it was going strong till a couple of members hijacked it. I can't remember which ones. The issue is that for the members on here so much has been said that they will never see eye to eye. which is fair enough if everyone in the world had the same opinion it would be a boring place. I think really the debate should be about what type of deal we go for as in my eyes there is no way we can leave on WTO rules.

    Also to sort this out about trump and the NHS he never mentioned about anything about making it private. He only said it should be on the table for the deal. So take from that what you want but I think the government in-charge of that deal will be dooming themselves if they let it get privatised.
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