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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by coggy, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Im interested in the different rates people charge around the uk for:

    Fix price only:
    (1) Hanging 1 internal hollow door,2 hinges,Handles

    (2) Fixing 16m of 5" Torus skirting s/wood, 4 joints

    Could you post what area your in

  2. nigel

    nigel Guest

    Central London £80
  3. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Nigel
    Is £80 for both ?

    Can people post the 2 prices seperate ie
    Price for door = ?
    Price for skirting =?

  4. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Come on guys, don't be shy. ;)

  5. marky

    marky New Member



    Thats for both....

    Door would be £60.00
    Skirting at £60.00

    Assuming done seperately....
  6. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Marky

    Keep them coming guys ;)

  7. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Is there only 2 chippies on here willing to let us in on there prices ???

    I will charge
    £45 for the door
    £60 for the skirting
    Total £105

    Just in case you thought i was being shy as well;)

    Come on guys, my research is struggling with this amount of answers:(

  8. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    just for you dear chap......

    std egg-crate door plus pair butts, pair handles and latch(2.5" type) London £90 plus furniture(add £5 for c-zone areas), Kent £80 plus furniture...

    skirting @ £2 a metre plus fixings, and add £5 per corner/joint/mitre depending both London and Kent(c-zone rule applies)

    trust above helps
    regards matt
  9. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Wolf, your a Gent and hi i have not spoke for a while.

    When you say £90 plus furniture, im not sure what you mean. The prices i was after was just for hanging the door and putting the furniture on, not supply.

    So basically im after the labour charge for the door hanging ??

    Thanks Wolf

  10. coggy

    coggy New Member

  11. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    OH COGGY... you must have been a kip when you posted last, as £90 plus furniture, is £90 to hang the door, "plus" the price of the furniture, IF WE supply if not then just £90... may seem a lot, but we do- unlike most give a guarantee with our work......taa daa!!as if by magic....speak to you soon young coggy me lad!!!! this is just a whistle stop reply!!!!
    working on me business loan!!!!
    regards matt
  12. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Wolf as usual you are a star.

    Im interested in your guarantee policy you give. How long to you give and what terms etc ??

    Realise your busy mate so no rush with the reply and good luck with the business loan

  13. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    on the back of the invoice, along with the usual blarb.. materials MINE till you cough up jobbie etc, i list the area's that i will guarantee, such as doors, windows etc.. obviously there are the usual if you do X-Y-Z then tuff etc... what you do need to do on " small works" invoices/guarantees, is to work out exactly "WHAT" and how far you wish to go etc......definately do not turn up with the door and fit, make sure it has been "hanging " around the room it is to be fitted in to aclimatize etc..
    trust this is help ful
    p.s. how big a bowl do you need and amount of grovels for £75-80k.... lots and a bloody big bowl no doubt
    kindest regards matt(sweat..sweat..!!)
  14. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Thanks Wolf

    I have just received my £15k, and that took 11 months of grovelling so good luck with that amount;)

    Let us know how it goes mate

    Thanks again
  15. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    Any work around my house shouldn't cover my son punching a hole in the door, which is his usual way of venting his bad mood.
    Already 3 holes in his bedroom door that I refuse to replace. :(
  16. Hevs Dad

    Hevs Dad New Member

    I've just got some responses to the cards I've given out and as I'm just starting to get out and about I've told prospective customers 20 quid each to hang the doors and fit furniture...oh silly me!
    All the prospective customers replied..."can't you do it any cheaper"!!! :mad:
    4 doors for 80 quid....
    These are for solid pine 6 panel doors,North Cheshire/Merseyside border.

    Maybe I've priced it far too low and therefore they think that I won't be doing a good job.

    I tend to price the skirting on how many mitres and scribes you have to do, around 10 quid a corner.

    I'll have to review my pricing policy.
  17. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Hevs Dad

    Yes i would say you have charged way to low for the doors. If you charged £20, by the time you get to the job, and then a couple of hours at least to hang it and maybe 3 if you want to do a good job. Then you have to travel back, all for £20, you would be well out of pocket.

    I am looking at charging £45 for hollow doors and £55 for solid doors. This will enable me to be able to take my time and do a real good job. As you have seen on this post a lot of people are charging over £60 for a hollow door.

    I would work out what hourly charge you want to set, and then guess how long it would take to do the job and see if your in a profit range. For a hollow door like i said i will charge £45 to hang it and i would also make 40% on the door and furniture costs to cover expenses if i was picking the door up so you are looking at £65 ish clear on a single door job, which at the hourly rate ive set would allow and pay me for just 4 hours work.

    Hope this helps
  18. Hevs Dad

    Hevs Dad New Member

    The reason I am so low is that I am in other full time employment until a time comes when I have enough of a customer base and experience to make the break.I can only do the carpentry in the evening and at weekends.
    (pretty tiring at times but I'm told you have to suffer for you art)
    I am also using it to provide on the job proof for my NVQ portflio, so it works both ways.
    I live in a fairly low income area and all this has to be taken in to account.
    When it is my main income then things will have to change.

    Hevs Dad.
  19. oggie

    oggie New Member

    Time you fitted a fire blank DEwy
    then listen for the OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. softinmiddle

    softinmiddle New Member

    Coggy, There is a guy advertising in my local paper, Door hanging from £16. Don't know if this increases when he has got the job or it may be just to attract your attention. But all the same i wouldn't do a door for that. I think £45 is a bout right and im from Pontefract

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