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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by coggy, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    £16 a door, a kitchen unit door yes
  2. coggy

    coggy New Member

    £16, i bet he really takes his time and does a good job at that price ;) NOT !!!!:)

  3. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    My mate/mentor is a Master Carpenter, he says that it would take a day to fit a door as it should be fitted, he still does them in four hours, i have watched him do it and it is art. On an internal door he would always replace the stops, when he does this he put a slight bow on the keep side which stops the door rattling. I usually only fit doors in comercial premises, so nearly always fire doors, usually glazed, intumescent stip and the like, Finish painted and guaranteed for one year. All in price starts at around £300, double doors quite often upto £700 (with threshold, furniture etc) each installation is different. I charge £20/hr (150ish/day) and add 30% to retail prices (b4 discount). I am respected for my knowledge of the fire regs and quality of my workmanship. Never get any callbacks, although sometimes I will go back to make adjustments to closers etc, this is my call. I have never had to stay at home for lack of work. I live/work in Bucks
  4. woods100

    woods100 Member

    4 door hung, fitted and touched up for marks.

    240 quid

    includede fitting, painting, furniture, fitting lock barrels and hinges . .

    plus even put two hooks for dressing gowns (brass)

    all included 240 . . included 4 doors in that . .

    see it is cheaper up north !!
  5. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Woods 100

    What type of doors were they ?

    £60 per door not a bad price for up north.

  6. DJB

    DJB New Member

  7. Wattsy

    Wattsy New Member

    Flipping `eck!I only charge £20 per door with all the fittings in the swansea area.Do `hobbles` on a regular basis doing most things but doors are the worst.£20 is the going rate in this area or so I`ve been told.Thank **** for electric planes!Best thing since sliced bread apart from my old smoothing plane..Always insist on door being unwrapped from plastic and left lying flat in the room to be hung for at least four days or longer if poss.Think I should up the ante to at least £30 especially for older houses with wonky frames.Nightmare.
  8. fnuggit

    fnuggit New Member

    Master Carpenter? Hmm, Which stage, or film set does he work on then? The term bothers me. As for setting a bow in the stop, there's your painting allowance gone.
    £300 quid for swinging a fire door! Yeah well I suppose I could just about scrape through on £1200 a day.
  9. coggy

    coggy New Member


    I just don't understand how people can charge £20, £25, £30 to hang an interior door, handles and do a good job and make a profit. By the time you travel to and from the job, set up your drill, electric plane etc, clean up after and 2-3 hours to hang the door, your hourly rate is minimum, im confused how people can charge such a low price and earn a living :(. You could say that you need to do it quicker but then you wont be offering a high quality job.

  10. dorset chippie

    dorset chippie New Member


    Dorset / Wiltshire area.

    I'd charge £50-£60 for one plain int door.

    Skirting... about the same again
  11. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    COGGY, dear chap, just a couple of point's that you may or may not know/do, if you do, sorry..
    however, the day before i do any work, i look up to see what the jobs are and what they entail.. if door/hanging.. and we are suppling the furniture, then i would usally pack the drills all set up with the correct drill bits in, ie 16mm for the latches we use etc, and the small router with the depth of butt pre-set, along with the templates(we make our own)so that by the time you are on site, most of the setting out is done.. so an internal should take no more that an hour and a half MAX..
    hope it helps,
    and as for MASTER CARPENTERS... it's a yankie term.. been watching to much sky tv....your mate/mentor has markybob..
  12. Markybob

    Markybob New Member

    Sorry WOLF didn't mean to offend you, just my way of putting accross the brilliance of this man, have assisted him in fitting out a couple of yachts, craftmanship second to none... yes definately mentor but chippie from now on
  13. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    wolf,16m/m 4 latches r u sure? as i use 25m/m
    max time 4 int f/door 50 minutes! and all furniture.
    never used a router 2 set in hinges or even 1 of those hinge markers,but can c there advantage! xx
  14. waky

    waky New Member

    on new build i get about £30 each for fd 30 on 3 4" butts
    latch,perko,2 have bathlocks, and stops not bowed as stated by another loon.

    with my hinge jig and router can do about 10 of these in a day

    very rare for me to do a private job

    but would think about

    40 for the light door
    40 for the skirting

    i would be surprised it it took longer than 2 hours
  15. jb007uk

    jb007uk New Member

    Message out to Wattsy.

    Can you mail me on qualityinstall2000@yahoo.com I may have a job in your area.

    Rgds - Joe
  16. dunc

    dunc New Member

    I am doing a council block of flats refit. Internal door, 3 hinges, mortice lock, self closer, routed for fire strips, door stops. Fitting these to dodgy frames. 40-50 quid a door.

    The front entrance includes rip out old stuff, new frame fix, new door with 3 hinges, hinge bolts, self closer, fire foam, threshold strip, edge strip, latch and mortice lock, letter box fixings, boxing in for electrics, poxy bell switches, architraves. 100-120 quid.
  17. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

  18. Screw-It-All

    Screw-It-All New Member

    Just paid £60 for -

    removing & disposing old exterior door
    hanging new hardwood exterior door (3 hinges)
    fitting new locks (x2) (1 x mortise & 1 x sash)
    fitting weatherboard and bolts x 2 (1 top & 1 bottom)

  19. mcnabbit

    mcnabbit New Member

    Yorkshire £25 labour plus double my money on the materials by buying competetively.

    Used to be allowed 1 1/4 hrs per door when all was done by hand.

    Set up with home made hinge router guide, 3 cordless drills with bits set up, guide for trimming bottem of door with circular saw, electric planer and vac, brings time down to 3/4 hour?
  20. kelly

    kelly New Member

    c'mon guys, r u serious with some of your prices? i have a job 2 fit 7 intenal doors +furniture, my cliemt would need a bank loan 2 pay 4 some of you! do u carry a mask + a pistol? what's the best type of hinge 2 use 4 internal doors? what would u charge as a reasonable rate 4 this work?

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