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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by coggy, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. dunc

    dunc New Member

    My price is as is. I work in North London. There is some variance in that different flats require boxing in or decoration panels.

    Also there is the consideration of predictable hoist breakdown, changes in schedule, lack or change of material supply, power outages, nutter tenants, ******* site agents, unworkable clusterfucks etc.
  2. dunc

    dunc New Member

    We use soft steel 4 inch hinges, 3 per door for internal fire checkers. These are not visible and unlikely to rust.

    They are handy in that they can be bent to make the door fit nicely. Hinge benders like us can whack in a door pretty quick.
  3. Central Scotland

    £ 35 for the door which would take an hour
    £ 1:25 per metre for skirting

    Client supplies all materials
  4. chippie joe

    chippie joe New Member

    Hi there i found all the posts on here most usefully but i am still having problems with prices.
    I recently started advertising in our local paper for doors,skirting,dado,architrave iv had quite a few enquiries for door fitting one of the jobs i got but the rest of them i didn't. They say we will phone you back, they dont.
    When quoting over the phone for doors do you quote the same price to fit doors that they provide than you would if you provide them,i am not a qualified joiner but i am doing an nvq in carpentry and joinery nearly completed a year.
    So i suppose what i am asking is how do i price up a job.
    Price for labourdoor+hinges+lockshandles=?
    Also how do you qoute for skirting is it price per mtr+any scribed cornerslabourfixings also laminate flooring,And do you mark it all up,also daily rate,what should i charge.thanks for any help as i am desperate to start out in joinery and get away from the **** hole that i work at.south yorkshire area.cheers all
  5. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

  6. dunc

    dunc New Member

    Pricing, estimating and quoting take up more time and effort than you expect. It is an acquired skill and you will make mistakes.

    Clients can be shifty, liars and just plain thick.

    If the job sounds in the least bit profitable I go and check out the location and the client. I discuss ball park figures but state I will give a written quote. The discussion usually gives me an indication of how much the client wants to pay. You need to know this before going to all the effort of producing an accurate quote.

    I send off the quote and an initial agreement form to sign. Once the client signs this the job is yours. You need to do this, its good business practice, because clients can whinge and whine and disrupt your work with silly demands which they think they have agreed with you. Don't go there. Write everything down that you intend to do and quote accurately for all materials and costs. As long as the client agrees on the quote they can not expect anything else.
  7. catwezal

    catwezal New Member

    I would charge £50 LABOUR for one door as i still get the same amount of tools out of van and put away as I would for more doors which takes time. But if i was doing the whole house say 10 doors £30 is my going rate I have in the past hung 9 door in a day they were metric ones, for some reason these seem to fall in the opening. As for skirting about £50. ....Basingstoke Hants
  8. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    wos that 50 euro or dollars!
  9. bairn

    bairn New Member

    If you take 1 hour per door then you can fit 8 doors in one day(at same address).Then you should charge going day rate £150/200.So each door would cost £18.50/25.

    Obviously more if only I.
    Also if it takes an hour there, hour for door and an hour to the next job you should charge 3 hours.£55.50/75.
  10. Mr Joinery

    Mr Joinery New Member

    I must be so cheap
    Labour only.
    Door fitting = £25
    Skirting = £50
  11. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    I think coggy finished fitting those door a few months ago. ;)
  12. Mr Joinery

    Mr Joinery New Member

    Sorry , I couldn't resist :)
  13. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    No problem Mr Joinery.
    Most of us (including coggy) spend more of our spare time on the Novoserve forum now. It's set up and run by tradesmen.
  14. Da Chippy

    Da Chippy New Member

    Well all I can say is that this topic has been an eye opener.
    Internal Door - £35-40
    Skirting - £60
    But after looking at this topic I'll be reviewing my prices ;).
    Cheers all

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