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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Jay_Kent, Dec 1, 2007.

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    This is how it works:

    Get out of van and head towards the front door of the house.

    Ring bell to get customer out of bed.

    "Can you move yer car luv, I can't get me van in"

    Car gets moved and you now enter the job.

    Door to be hung is in the loft, being used as a model railway base, dismantle railway and bring door downstairs.

    Hold up to the opening.

    Go back to van to get pencil.

    Customer now has a cuppa ready for you. Drink tea.

    Now where was I? Oh yes, I need a pencil.

    Back to van, can't find pencil cos it's behind yer ear.

    Back indoors, mark up door, back to van to get plane.

    Set up sawhorse, plane door to fit.

    Back to van to get hinges.

    Mark out hinge pockets.

    Cut out hinge pockets and fit hinges.

    Back to van to get screws.

    Back to van to get drill driver.

    Back to van to get no 2 Pozi bit as the no 3 that's in the drill is too big.

    Fit hinges and get door swinging.

    Back to van to get latpack.

    Mark out and drill for door latch.

    Back to van to get handles.

    Wrong handles so off to Jewson for new handles.

    Get back to job, customer has moved car back into driveway.

    "Can you move yer car luv, I can't get me van in"

    Car gets moved and you now enter the job again.

    Fit handles.

    Mark out for keep plate.

    Customer now has a cuppa ready for you. Drink tea.

    Fit keep plate and try door.

    Go to van for club hammer.

    Adjust door.

    Go to van for hoover.

    Hoover bag is full so fit new one.

    Hoover up the mess and tell customer you have finished.

    "We wanted it to swing the other way" says customer.......... :'(
  2. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    Don't ever think about doing just domestic work 75......I can tell you'd be the type to get lonely.

    As for 'good old splice'....what do you think a well fitting timber insert is ? As a matter of fact.....timber plugging old mortices has got sweet FA to do with splicing.

    I would do 7 or 8 on a new build with nice, square linings......2 door swaps in an old, twisted gaff is not unusual......

    In the words of Tom Jones....."it's not unusual for me to be right all the time.....ba-da-ba-da-ba-daaaaaa.....
  3. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    2 a day.are u serious.6 a day a decent joiner shud do.as for splices fella,any decent chipie would splice any imperfections in the casing.
    but we all work at our own speed .obviously doing 2 a day.

    jesus how long does a front door take u fella with all the furniture on.
    if u get any,start as soon as ,in case they want it finishing for xmas.yeeeeha.
  4. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    You make my day Mazball..... :)

    Purely for being the biggest online penarse I know, and livening up the forum....

    You crack me up !

    Don't go changing now will ya.....;)
  5. Jay_Kent

    Jay_Kent New Member

    Well that has all helped me a great deal, i'm now happy with my 6 doors a day( in old twisted linings) and think £40 per internal door is a fair price here in the SE.

    What do you guys charge for a Front door with yale and deadlock plus letterbox??? Is £100 fair you think?
  6. evo nut

    evo nut New Member


    you crack me up your reply is so funny i can't stop laughing

    'Go to van for club hammer.

    Adjust door.'

    is the best! you've made my evening

    keep it up evo nut
  7. deadonmate

    deadonmate New Member


    You r so rite ya can't be wrong, never a true'r word said.

    Hilarious lmao i've been there!! many times

    mind you you forgot to add

    Drive 40 miles to house
    get tools outta van
    sharpen chisels
    sharpen smoothin plane
    get plugged into power point
    setup workbench
    sharpen pencil
    setup drill/drivers
    deep breath
    knock door
    Hi luv here to hang that wee door you wanted done
    sorry mate me husband never had chance to collect it from B&Q over weekend any chance you could get it for me now?
    MMmmmmmmmmmm alrite since Im here and nearest b&q is only 40 miles back where I live.
    Cheers mate you're a scholar and a gentleman
    Ok could you watch me tools
    Sorry mate Im off ta shops now Ill give ya a key but you'll need to take you're tools with ya in case they get nicked
    MMMMmmmmmmm alrite no problems
    load tools
    load bench
    load pencil
    of ta b&q
    Get to b&q oh bugger they don't have the size I need

    well you get the jest lol

    As 4 mazball I cant believe he's still on the me and lads down site hang 4000 doors in an hour, after all he's only there to make the tea the muppet.

    Good luck
  8. lamello

    lamello New Member

    £40 south east is cheap. too cheap. If you are hanging them to a good standard £70 is fine. Price what you think your work is worth not what you think your customer will pay. Front door maybe £240 labour. A good job deserves a good price. Too many people get stuck charging too little. Price the doors based upon worst case scenario, twisted linings, broken screws etc, so every one that goes sweet is a bonus.
  9. lamello

    lamello New Member

    And if you are doing 6 a day in twisted linings day in day out you are doing well. I done 5 today but still have the handles to go on tomorrow and I am perfectly happy with that.
  10. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    hey deadon i tink ur the muppet by the sound of the way you shape son.
    always remember the 7 p's and you will never go wrong gimp.

    get your judy to put it on your noticeboard and write it on your hand each day muppet.
  11. starlight tiles

    starlight tiles New Member

    mr mike i'm not here to entertain just to advise son.
    you stick to your 2 doors a day fella.
    still got no reply wot time u guys start and finish at each day.

    doing 2 day i reckon your rolling up to job at 10.cup of tea,pick a few horses,get your tools out,hang doors,go the betting office for an hour,spot of lunch,another cup of tea,finish 2 doors,tidy up,get paid ,back in house by 3.
    lazy man's day.
  12. skypie

    skypie New Member

    In addition to Extremely Clever Man's reply, it also depends on whether it is a building site, ie mess no issue, or a home with carpets, wallpaper to be careful about etc. Domestic clutter and need for cleanliness slows down big time.
  13. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    on this forum 75 has stated he can supply and fit 7 doors complete with all ironmongery for £220 including vat

    excluding vat thats £187. lets break this down

    he supplies 7 doors and ironmongery £105 (£15 each) his figures not mine

    therefore....... he charges his labour at £82 a day

    thank goodness he gets exceptional discounts on his materails otherwise his day rate would be even cheaper ;)

    something tells me his maths, claims of expetional speed and perfect workmanship dont string together
  14. skypie

    skypie New Member

    Many a true word..... ;)
  15. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

  16. Jay_Kent

    Jay_Kent New Member

    to answer your question 75, i try to start in customers houses for about 8-8.30am, and finish when i'm happy with whats been done, normaly about 5pm. stop for 30 minutes for lunch.

    I know that you guys are probly correct in saying my prices are to cheap £40 internal and £100 external, but any higher and i fear i'd lose a lot of work to the carpenters who dont have a mortgage and kid to feed!
  17. lamello

    lamello New Member

    But losing work isnt an problem. When I first started out I priced to get work and soon found myself snowed under with work I had underpriced. Now I set my prices and if people want to get someone else then thats their choice.However cheap you are there will always be someone cheaper. With a good reputation customers will happily pay the prices you want.
  18. Joiner Girl

    Joiner Girl New Member

    Tradespeople such as 75 are our bread and butter!

    We get plenty of work from dissatisfied customers wanting a real joiner to come and re-do botch jobs!

    We charge £47 per door including VAT, but the price is going up next year - OH and lad who works for us do 4 - 6 doors per day tops (and they work 8am - 5pm before you ask 75). They do a fantastic job and we are booked up until end of Jan based on word of mouth recommendations.
  19. dunc

    dunc New Member

    I have worked on a council contract where I tried to compete on how fast I could get the doors in, and I got fairly close to the lead chippie. But he had been on the job for about 2 years and hung over a thousand doors.

    But you can't do this in someone's home. Ther's stuff to avoid and make sure you don't dirty or damage.

    Also a door is something that is used constantly and has to be fitted really well to be appreciated by the owner. I work at mine until they are as good as possible. I also choose a better quality door from a timber or door supplier. So I can't make a mess of it.

    Going at my pace I would do 2 decent quality doors a day. I don't worry about being competitive.
  20. i charge £50 to £75 a door.

    I don't do contract work.

    By the time I've sheeted the work area, moved all the other stuff out of harms way and carried the door outside for planing/lock fitting (keeps the dust down, the lady of the house will appreciate it), I reckon that I can do 4 a day, working 6 to 7 hours.

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