Hanging internal doors!

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    Why would I want to...

    Partly for the achievement of doing it... but also because if you can sharpen in 10 minutes, even allowing for the cost of a file, it IS worth the time spent.
    I spent about £25 for each of my 2 panel saws, on eBay, about 2 years ago. (One sharpened for rip, one for crosscut).
    I've used hardpoint saws for a while before that, (and still keep one for plastic pipe, melamine sheets and the the like), and agree that when new they are good... but barely better, if at all, than my sharpenable ones.

    I'm not advocating that it's for everyone, and I can see that needing to sharpen a saw "on the job" in someone's house probably isn't he best marketing tool.
    At £7-£10 per saw for hardpoint I'm just saying that it's not necessarily the best financial move to use disposables. Though I can see the attraction of them when you're a busy tradesman!


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    Way to go,Cando!!

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