Hanging unit slipping!

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    Good evening everyone. Any help on this would be very much appreciated!

    In my bathroom, I have a hanging sink/cupboard combo. It was fitted by builders during renovation work. It has started to come away from the wall. Only by half a centimetre, but the top of the unit now has a gap.

    I’d like to secure it again. I mean, it is secure, just a little bit loose now.

    I have attached some photos. I can’t for the life of me work out how to get to the top screw in the silver bracket to tighten it. Do I need to do something with the white plastic fixing with four screws in it?

    also, if I do manage to tighten the top screw and it still doesn’t grip, does anyone have any ideas how I could secure the unit? I was thinking along the lines of a couple of wooden batons screwed in tightly just under the white horizontal frame. But I suspect there are better options.

    once again, thank you so much for any help you can offer.


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  2. WillyEckerslike

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    The silver hooks are fitted to the wall prior to the unit being hung on them - you would have to remove the bracket from the inside of the cabinet to get access to the top screw(s) however the nylon brackets look like they're adjustable using the two forward facing screws - one will tighten/loosen the bracket onto/away from the wall hook and the other will raise or lower the bracket so that you can level the unit.

    That's a guess but they look very similar to kitchen wall unit hangers.

    You might get away with simply tightening the bracket onto the hook but if it's coming away from the wall that isn't a solution. In that case I would prop the unit up (to take the weight) and remove the hanging bracket from inside the cupboard using the two side screws and then see if you can improve on the fixing into the wall.

    Do you know the composition of the wall?
  3. AnotherTopJob

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    As mentioned, for a proper fix you'll need to replace the wall fixings as they're not up to the job.
  4. chillimonster

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    got a feeling they used 10g x 40mm or abouts :(
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    Thanks so much for the replies. It all makes sense. I propped up the unit and tried to unscrew the plastic bracket holder. I took out the screws but it is still stuck solid to the side of the unit. Am I missing a trick?! Or is it possible that it’s been glued/bonded on too? If it is, my only hope of repairing the screw hole is to lift the unit off, but that is going to be tricky with all the pipe work. Any ideas much appreciated! Thanks again
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    After removing the two screws at the side of the fixing, have you slackened off the screws on the front face also ?

    As Willy mentioned, these front screws give you up/down adjustment but also lock the unit to the wall bracket, There’s a ‘claw’ that drops down behind wall bracket and as you tighten one of the front screws, this pulls the ‘claw’ forwards, tightening onto wall bracket

    Could also be one or two plastic ‘location pins’ moulded into the fitting that push into pre-drilled holes in the side of the unit

    So, slacken off front screws first and try and remove, if still no luck, try and slip a scraper between fitting and cabinet and wiggle !

    Realistically though, if you need to remove entire unit, your looking at an additional 3 minutes to sort out the plumbing, that’s not tricky at all

    You’ve got isolation valves on hot/cold supply and flexis screwed directly onto these valves, turn of iso valves, unscrew flexis (little bit of water will drain out from flexis and tap so catch this)

    Unscrew waste trap from basin

    Plumbing sorted within what ….. 3 minutes ? :)
    Good luck
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