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    Hi hope someone can help me.

    6.70 x 9.85

    I want to redo my gravel drive which was a bit of a bodge when originally done.

    From research I think I need to:

    Dig it out about 200mm below finish level (can I get a man with a digger to do that?)
    Lay membrane (woven geo something or other- got details somewhere)
    Rake it then wackier plate it
    Possibly get plastic honeycomb stuff depending on price
    Get my gravel

    My Questions:

    Membrane: Do I just roll it out. If overlaps what should they be? Do I need pegs or other things to help lay it out:

    Hardcore: Understand need type 1 and that should go to a quarry or concrete crusher for best prices. Have emailed a few places and got one response:

    Type 1 crushed concrete (40mm down to dust) £15pt
    6F2 crushed concret (75mm down to dust) £13pt

    Rang them up and said which one for the job I'm doing. He said you can use the bigger one first with the other on top. If so, what proportion do I need? I think I can get them with or without bags. As I thought I only needed type 1 I was going to see if could get it free flowing and they might dump in piles over drive for me? Is this unrealistic and should I get both in bags which begs question - how do I move it over the drive way?

    Honeycomb: their website says you need someone to fit it - cut it to shape. Any recommendations for Essex? Do I need to allow more depth for this and if so how much.

    Gravel: how do I work out how much to buy and where's best place. Not looking for anything fancy just stones.

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