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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by PlumbyGas, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. PlumbyGas

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    Morning all,

    I have taken on some of a job that has some questioning architect details.
    He is a very typical “know all, don’t question me” type of architect, so thought I would ask here first as BCO said nothing is wrong as per the regs so that’s where his concern stops.

    The drawings have an old slab from and old extension removed and a new addition of a block and beam floor to the side and rear I was surprised to see the height of the hardcore pretty much matched with the block and beam.
    I would normally expect a 4inch slab, PIR, UFH then screed. The plans ask for well compacted mot, blinding, dpm, PIR, dpm/slip sheet, UfH and flowscreed. I’ve not seen this done before just want some advice from people if this will cause any issues down the line as the whole area will be tiled and worried about screed cracking and come back of work I didn’t do but am finishing.

  2. stevie22

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    Questioning an architect?? Wash your mouth out immediately!

    Your question isn't actually clear but I suspect your architect is calling your expected and normal 100mm of concrete floor structure "blinding" which it isn't.

    Blinding is a thin (typically 50mm) skin of concrete spread over the formation as a working platform for steel fixing where reinforced concrete is to be placed.
  3. PlumbyGas

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    Sorry please see the attached photo for a rough idea of what I mean. I was trying to write that post while in the BM.

    I’ll try again. block and beam for part of the subfloor, the rest is compacted hardcore and some blinding (sand)
    On top of this dpm, PIR, DPM, UFH then finished with flowscreed.

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  4. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    I would double check with BC but this sounds wrong.
  5. jonathanc

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    Why bother with block and beam at all?
  6. PlumbyGas

    PlumbyGas Member

    The addition is 1m from ground to damp level and they wouldn’t accept back fill as there is a suspended floor in the main house.

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