Hardwiring an electric oven and hob

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by meeksie, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Hi there all, I understand that the new ceramic hob and electric oven needs hardwiring and there is currently a cooker switch on the wall with its own circuit and fuse. Is there a dual appliance box that can be installed in its place to accommodate the two separately wired appliances? any recommendations as to the best way of wiring the two appliances to the one cooker socket?

    Oven max power 1.850kw 220-240v 50-60hz
    twin hob 2.9 kw 220-240v 50hz

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    If their is an outlet plate on the wall behind the original cooker position, you can connect to this with the 2 extra cables. Some have bigger terminals than others which makes the job easier, other wise change it to the one suggested above. Neither the hob or the oven should be more than 2 Mts from the control switch, the conductors used to connect the hob and oven should be the same size or bigger than the existing cable, this will ensure that they are protected by the fuse / CB.
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    If the existing cable is 10mm I would like to see that fitted in most new single ovens or hobs. Thought the fixed load of a hob or oven would dertermine the cable size.
    But I am a lowly kitchen fitter.
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    Out of interest where does the 2meters come from? How comes the cables have to be the same size or bigger than the existing cable?
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    And there is no requirement to actually have a 'control' switch at all. So it can't be 2 metres from something that isn't there.
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