Heads up: Dulux Decorator Centre Sale

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by jimbobfingernails, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Just so you know if you didn't aleady. Dulux Decorator Centres are holding a Sale next week on the 4th and 5th.

    By the way how's everyone doing, bit busier now Spring is springing? Been seeming a bit quite round here lately.

  2. Retired

    Retired Guest

    What discounts are they giving on paints to Joe Public?
  3. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    10 ltrs Dulux Trade vinyl matt...shelf price £41.20 :O
  4. Retired

    Retired Guest

    Dulux means paint, and yet they give no discounts. Wots that all about then.
    Like Shell having a sale, but wait a minute we wont include petrol.
  5. hoss

    hoss New Member

    You go to shell to buy petrel or diesel, but you don't go to dulux trade centers just to buy paint, they often have good deals on brushes, rollers ,dust sheets ect ect.
    Surely you dont go to Asda and expect them to have 10% off everything they sell?
  6. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    If you were a large haulier buying large quantities of diesel every week or a farmer buying red deisel you get the material cheaper.

    You used to work in the chemical field, I bet the company you used to work for could buy the Propylene Glycol or Zinc Stereate or Atapulgate that I buy at a fraction of what can I buy it at...it's the same thing.
    I can buy all these products in proprietary form over the counter at vastly more expensive rates than the chemical "trade", I can buy them a bit more cheaply by buying them in higher quantities direct from the manufacturer, but I'm never going to get them at the rate a cosmetics or paint manufacturer can buy them at.

    So what's so different about paint?
    I spoke to a contractor the other week who reckoned he was getting Dulux Supermatt at £7 a gallon + VAT...having said that he buys it by the pallet...on a weekly basis....I can't compete with that, there's no point in me getting all green cheese about it, he employs 140 men.

    The point is that you are a DIYer, you therefore have one house to decorate as opposed to a painter and decorator who has 10's of houses to decorate every year and every year after that. That is why a trade outlets "invest" in their trade customers. That is why any trade supplier gives discount, consistent and continued demand.

  7. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    Homebase have 10% days off to everyone, sometimes 15%, I've seen B&Q have 15% off days to everyone.
  8. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Painty, whats all this''Gallons''. You Imperial dinosaur!! Have you not heard that we are all Metric now??
  9. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Retired, looks like you are going to have to dig deep, mate.

    PS As a retired research chemist, what about a little project for you to undertake when you are not driving yourself into an early grave with all this decorating work??? The bane of every decorator is the removal of wallpaper, especially silk finished painted woodchip and lining paper. If you could research an easy way of breaking down the paint and the paste under the paper you would be every decorators patron saint, we would all adore you and you would make a fortune and could spend your retirement laying under a palm tree while we flog our nuts off. What do you think ???
  10. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Retired, B&Q do 10% off for the over 60's every Wednesday, if you can fight your way through the crowd, but they will not (as far as I know) give 20% off to the trade
  11. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    20% off for the trade ?? My digit slipped onto the wrong digit
  12. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    Painty, whats all this''Gallons''. You Imperial
    dinosaur!! Have you not heard that we are all Metric

    Now Bertie...I guarentee you weigh yourself and think of your weight in stones, that if anyone asked you your height you'd tell them it in feet and inches and that if I was to ask you for your cars fuel consumption you'd tell me an MPG not an MPL.
    I tell you what, I'll stop saying gallons when you go to the pub and ask for 0.568 litre of beer instead of a pint and when people on this forum stop saying that stuff is oil based when there is a barely an oil based paint left in this country and they are nearly all alkyd.

    OMG I can be stroppy when babysitting in the middle of the night and friend <u>still</u> hasn't come to pick up his bairns at stupid o'clock.
  13. hoss

    hoss New Member

    Is it no wonder that kids get confused, when at school they are taught mtrs, mm, klmtrs, then they come home and you tell them to play in the back yard, or in the car are we there yet dad, no 10 miles to go, or its bob a job week at the scouts and what about when we get the euro :eek:
    40 next month so i have to accept im an old codger now and cant get used to this new metric stuff.
    I was in b&q not so long ago looking for some trade undercoat, couldnt see any on the shelf so a young chap was passing and i asked him have you got any half gallon tins in stock, with a blank look on his face he replied, sorry but we only sell 2.5 ltrs.
    My youngest boy asked me recently was electricity invented when i was his age and was everything in black and white.
    And before you ask yes i have took this as an opputunity to have a moan cos im 40 next month :-|
  14. Painterboy

    Painterboy New Member

    I'm an old codger now and semi retired decorator. I only do what I want to do! I often smile when I hear people talking about paint in gallons. It seems to me that they do it to make themselves sound as though they have been in the game a long time!
    Metrication in the building trade happened about 1970, 35 years ago, so I suspect that most people working today have never worked in gallons.
    Go metric it is far easier
  15. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    Hoss, 40 is the new black...all the best of us are 40!!!;)

    I don't know about you but my year was the first to be educamated in Scotland exclusively in metric. I started school in 1970. I learned everything in metric and at the age of 14 started my first job measuring out curtain fabric for customers who knew not what a metr was...so I learned all over again in feet and yards and inches. Then a bit later I started working in pubs and measured stuff in pints and gills. When I started work in painting I would talk about litres and not one soul talked in litres. My boss talked about a pint pot and then talked in sq feet and yds when measuring jobs never metric.
    I speak and think in a mixture like most.
    I do buy food in kg becuase I got used to it in Holland when I lived there...had to force myself back to it and now mainly think in kilos. I think in litres of petrol.

    Painterboy- it's hardly an affectation, it's your generation who couldn't get used to metric and screwed us up. Thankfuly when my son asks how much 25 hectares is I can visualise it and show him, I know what a decilitre is and a hectometre is. Metric is so simple it's like falling off a log and I'd have been very happy to stick with it...as it is I know both systems.
  16. "40 is the new black...all the best of us are 40!!!"

    Ahem, I'm a only a meagre 35, so what does that make me?.......

    Don't answer that!!!!
  17. paintycait

    paintycait New Member

    so what does that make

    Unfulfilled potential...or a potential toy boy ;)
  18. hoss

    hoss New Member

    Oh i say, take a cold shower cait,
    I to started school in the 70s and finished in 82 and all those years it depended on what teacher you had at the time, in maths (math usa) it would be metric then in geography it would be imp, or if you had an old teacher imp, young teacher metric and so on, but all this didn't really matter cos in 1982 (Maggie gov) all you needed to know is how to sign on.:(

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